Rebecca has enjoyed her cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 20 years now:

Rebecca was sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for six years, and searched high and low for a cure for her condition.   She went from being an athlete to not even being able to wash her own hair.

Having tried a large range of ‘cures’, she finally made her breakthrough from most unexpected strategies, things she might never have tried.  As she put it only like a fellow Aussie would; “I was off like a Bondi train” ?

I have previously shared why I am not a big fan of the word cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and people speak about words like remission from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and of course I use recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  But regardless of what words we use and whether you speak of a cure for CFS, the point is that being well for over 20 years can allow us all to gain a deeper sense of confidence that our regained health can last.

During her time with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rebecca experienced recovery from swollen glands, exhaustion, train fog, and also recovered from sensitivities including chemicals and perfumes.  Whilst it took 3 years get a proper diagnosis back then, she tried to cure her CFS with many strategies including removing amalgams, a range of supplements, acupuncture, chiropractors, gluten-free diet – but nothing yelped.

Rebecca knows that we all have to find ‘our cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’, and what works for one person won’t necessarily cure another with CFS.  But her story is an amazing testament to recoveries from ME/CFS being able to last multiple decades.

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Another great interview, thanks to you both for providing such hope – they are especially good at black times – to help you change it to grey, and know that recovery is possible for us all.

Elizabeth W

Just listened to it this morning. I must admit the thought of fasting and only having juices like that frightens me to say the least, I find it fascinating how that helped! I’m still hearing the central theme that is in all other recoveries as well. Good on her for sharing her story!

Caroline Ashworth

Hi Dan
found the fasting also interesting,my daughter has M.E she is 15 and had it for 6 months.Did read that mitochondria in cells prefers less calories amongst other things I.e rich antioxidants.We are trying Michel therapy,just had 1st session,,so not sure about it yet,it’s all about getting in touch with your emotions and acting upon them.Have tried herbs,supplements.Nickel therapy works on premise that everything starts with a disordered hypothalamus causing immune dysfunction.So we’ll see how it goes
Thanks for sharing

Melinda Turansky

Thank you for the testimony. I am literally laying here on my bed battling another 2 1/2 week CFS spell. I have had CFS for 16 years. It comes in waves. I’ll be fine for a couple months, then it hits. I am a mom of 3 so this illness is so difficult. I am also a athlete which makes training impossible. I need testimonies like hers to kerp me encouraged and hopeful. Thank you


I have had cfs for 5 months, then suddenly recoveed, then 6 months with same sudden recovery. Not come across the idea of being in remission from it. Have had it again now for 10 days. Retired 2 months ago and thought that would be the end of it. Anyone else out there switching it on and off?

I find these interviews incredibly inspiring, however, I would really really love to hear more recovery stories from people who have had cfs for a very long time. I have had cfs for 18 years (and was heading into it for many years prior to this) basically I have no experience of life as a healthy adult. Consequently, I find it hard to really imagine and believe in a full recovery although I am determined to achieve it. There is always a little voice at the back of my head that says ‘maybe it’s different when you’ve had it so… Read more »
Hello Dan, Rebecca was almost always upbeat and hopeful during her recovery and continues to be so. I have had ME for 36 years and during that time I have virtually fulfilled the prophecy, put about by many theorists re ME, that one tends to become unwell, recover a bit, but not to the same good level as before and each time one is unwell one sinks a little lower. After starting your course I am more and more coming to the realisation that that need not be the case. I am now very hopeful. Everything you say makes such… Read more »