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Article in Australian Natural Health Magazine

  David Goding recently interviewed me for an article in Australia Natural Health Magazine.  It’s a great article to bring more awareness to the general community that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is much more than ordinary tiredness! Here is a copy of the article:  (click on image to download) Click below to check out Natural Health […]

Fibro/CFS/ME Posters for Sharing

These posters are designed to help other people understand what life is like for those with CFS/ME/Fibro, help the illness get a wider recognition in the community and also to help other people with this illness find Hope or just to help them find a smile.  You can browse through the posters now and feel […]

What did you think of CFS Unravelled?

  Thank you so much for all your wonderful positive feedback, I am glad the book has resonated with so many of you over the last few days. The book has had a very strong reaction in the CFS community as has my blog on Health Rising. Reactions have usually been very positive, or very […]

What did you think of Discover Hope?

  Discover Hope is like a primer, to lift you out from a negative and unproductive place, ready to look towards your next step for recovery.   It doesn’t contain strategies on how to recover, that is what CFS Unravelled is for. Instead, Discover Hope was written to to help you find ways to feel a […]