My talk about Hope for Fibromyalgia Recovery & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery - VIDEO

Talk About Hope for Fibromyalgia Recovery & CFS Recovery

Recently I was invited to speak at a Gold Coast CFS/FM Support Group and shared my message of hope!

Recovery from Fibromyalgia and recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome comes in many different ways for different people.  However, there are a few critical components that people need in order to take action towards improving their chances of recovery from CFS.

In the above video I share my message of hope for recovery from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Here are the videos I mention at the end of my talk.

Best wishes,


hope for recovery from fibromyalgia speech

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Julie Lee
Julie Lee

Thank you Danielle for giving out this valuable info particularly on fibromyalgia as well as cfs.I believe that these two conditions have the same illness process and that patients can successfully recover with the right treatments and go on to live healthy and normal lifestyles.Unfortunately a large percentage of medical practitioners will say otherwise which I believe can do much damage to vulnerable patients.Thank you again for your wonderful website.I would greatly appreciate any positive feedback on my comments if you have the time to respond.Many thanks from Julie Lee


Hi Julie Lee

Thank you for your comment – as per my video explanation for the underlying cause of CFS and Fibromyalgia, I also belief these to have the same underlying pathogenesis and am living proof that fibromyalgia recovery is possible. If you yourself have recovered, please contact me to share your story.

Best wishes,


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