How to get your copy of Discover Hope for Free!

Discover Hope is a small book written by Dan because he realised that before you can even consider recovery from ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia, you need to be able to cope with this illness and actually have hope for recovery. Because without hope, you will never take the action required for you to get better. This book is written in a concise manner to help uplift you or help you change your mindset if you are feeling down. And at around 55 pages, its readable even for those suffering with fibro fog. Discover Hope gives you 34 mini-steps to help you cope with this illness and helps you to re-evaluate your current feelings and worries to help you find a happier and more productive place. From hopelessness to hopefulness to certainty. Discover Hope is designed to provide you with…
  • the 8 steps to move from being hopeless to being hopeful;
  • the 9 steps to cope with the stress of having CFS;
  • the 8 steps to change your negative thoughts and feelings resulting from CFS;
  • the 4 steps to deal with the financial pressures resulting from CFS;
  • the 5 final steps to prepare for your journey of recovery from CFS.
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How to get it for Free:

Discover Hope is available for free several times a year as Amazon allows us to share it.  To get notified when the book is available for Free again, simply request email updates below.  This will also give you updates on the blog, recovery interviews & other resources!

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Instructions for people without a kindle!

You don’t need a Kindle to read kindle books!  They can be read on any computer device!  Personally, I find using a tablet or laptop the most comfortable.

Here are the instructions and Free Apps that allow you to read Kindle books on other computer devices:


  1. You buy it using “one-click” on your Amazon Account
  2. Deliver it to your “kindle on PC” or other reader
  3. Open the Kindle App program and enter your Amazon account details under TOOLS – OPTIONS – REGISTRATION

Hope that helps. If you get stuck you can check out Amazon Help Here:

Failing all that, you can actually use the cloud reader via your Amazon account and read Kindle books via your webbrowser. 

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