Bedbound with MECFS & Fibromyalgia Overnight:

Sayaha Shares Her Recovery Story

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Many people become bedbound with MECFS or Fibromyalgia, if we have the illness long enough.  But imagine the shock of becoming bedbound with MECFS/Fibromyaliga, OVERNIGHT!

That was Sayaha Aida’s shocking experience that resulted in her being flown halfway across the world to Japan 8 weeks later to be hospitalised for tests.

Whilst sudden onset is not rare at all, Sayaha’s story certainly demonstrates the severe and frightening impact that ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia can have on patients.  The sudden prospect of losing your life-long passion as well as ambitions and dreams.  You don’t have to be an athlete to get that, we all experience it.

At the 16 minute mark, the conversation shifts towards recovery.  It was a bumby journey for Sayaha like it is for most recoverers, but here is a great example of why listening to these interviews is so valuable.  Because the insights are not  in (I did this or that), they are always in the subtle shifts and changes in strategy that you will glimpse if you listen carefully.  Sayaha summarised this well when I asked her towards the end about advice for others and how they can go from bedbound with MECFS/Fibromyalgia to being healthy again : “I wish I could give the direct answer, but I can’t – but there are lots of clues in what I did to recover”.

Sayaha’s recovery from being bedbound with MECFS and Fibromyalgia includes all the classic strategies we so often speak about, although like is so often the case, Sayaha mostly worked these out herself.  She is passionate about sharing her insights and wisdom and I hope you all enjoy her story.

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Dan and Sayaha,
Dan and Sayaha,

Loved the interview…thank you very much. It was very informative, inspiring and insightful 🙂

Also, it is interesting to know that Sayaha still gets some GI issues…this seems to be one of my remaining issues too if I have overdone or after excersise.


Wonderful…thank you for the kind reponse regarding the gut issue. Might be time to take the action you have mentioned.



Thanks Sayaha and Dan. Sayaha – your energy in this interview was lovely to watch :). Your smile and ability to be so positive was really inspiring.


What an inspiring interview. I first went down with ME 25 years ago from a mix of viral sore throat and ‘flu. It took 8 years to recover having been bed bound for some of the time. I was so pleased to be well when I recovered and this lasted 4 years. I perhaps over did things feeling so well and then had 4 more years of ME. I recovered again, changed lifestyle completely, listened to my body and worked to become as fit and healthy as I have ever been and loved ever day of life. For the next… Read more »