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20 years of suffering comes to an end:

 From Fibromyalgia, CFS, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression to fully well in 10 months

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picture of Leah with ME/CFS Fibromyalgia PTSD Anxiety Depression recovery details

Leah McCullough (the fibro lady) tells her story of recovery after suffering for 20 years with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression.

She explains that working as a soldier, she was preparing to leave for the Gulf War when she became ill.  Had she gone, she would have been diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome, but instead, it was CFS and Fibromyalgia.

We explore her experience at onset, the terrible symptoms she suffered with and the moment when watching daytime TV that everything turned around against all odds.  A book changed her focus away from looking for a cure for CFS or looking for a cure for Fibromyalgia – to simply looking to be healthy again.

10 months later, she was discharged from psychiatric care for her PTSD, depression and anxiety and was told that this only happened with 2% of all patients. And in the process, she lost 70 pounds in weight.

Listen to her amazing story here:

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Please note that Leah no helps other people experiencing Fibromyalgia and you can learn more about her book and what she does on her website : 

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Thank you so much.?

christiane omer

Inspiring! Leah, interestingly I have been called to do some of the things you mentioned doing on your healing path. Great to see you and hear your story. We have met in emails already and I’m glad for the connection and inspiration?


Wow, I did not realize you had been sick for 20 years. Me too, well since 1999-2000. Multiple diagnosis, starting with MDS then chronic allergies, asthma, FM, then lupus, and for me the final straw PNH (the end result of MDS diagnosis after 10 years) for which I must have infusions of an expensive MAB every 2 weeks to avoid the approx 5 year mortality rate without the drug. I take low dose prednisone and plaquenil to control lupus. Allergy shots and antihistamines and inhalers have pretty much taken care of the allergies…. I KNOW my poor eating habits and… Read more »


I am definitely going to join you!!! Thank you Leah so much, I have been using tapping for 30 days now and it helped tremendously with lot of symptoms and the emotions that come with them. I totally agree on the gut issue, because with an anti inflammatory diet as soon as the gut is on the way to heal insomnia, anxiety, fear of what else this illness could be are disappearing and we go back to the old us befofe the illness. GRAZIE Leah for sharing your story and all the best for your happy LIFE.❤️

Christine W

A wonderful interview, thank you, thank you! It cheered me up no end. Very inspiring and much to learn from it.

Claudia Goodell

Another inspiring recovery story. Thank you Dan and Leah. It is so interesting to hear about the moment when a person “gets the calling” and decides they will change things for themselves. I believe a brain or mind/body transformation occurs somehow, maybe out of desperation, maybe feeling fed up, maybe some event occurs and serves as a catalyst, for me it was the loss of both parents in a year and a move, but this propels us forward enough to open up to things that come to us, we note embrace the idea that we CAN recover, and then as… Read more »


Thanks for sharing your story Leah. Very inspiring.

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