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James learns how to heal from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis after 9 years of illness

picture of James with ME/CFS and POTS recovery details

James’ spent years trying to heal from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) without success, unable to find a ‘cure’.   And after years of hopping from one supposed ME cure to another, the penny finally dropped for him in his 8th year and discovered his own path to heal from ME.

James had become a bit of a serial ME/CFS cure explorer. And whilst many things helped him a little, none were that magic solution that got rid of all his MECFS symptoms. As he said, “When you are that desperate, you are not thinking rationally….everything sounds great when you have ME/CFS” .

But after 8 years of suffering, his life had become even worse and he hit rock-bottom. “I couldn’t see a future for myself”. It was an understandable outlook for a young man whose life was in shambles and who had never experienced what it was like to be an adult and have normal health.

And against all odds, he then changed his approach, his outlook, his whole life and 9 months later he had finally healed from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

What an inspiring young man, who shares his lessons and insights for anyone with ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia.

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Diane Bramble

Thankyou for showing this video.As a long term sufferer with cfs, I believe that James is a genuine case.I have had cfs for 34 yrs.I am being completely honest. I was 28yrs old when I xontracted glandular fever and was extremely ill and bedridden for several weeks.I felt weak every day after that. I didn’t rest long enough after the EBV and continued to push my body.I then suffered a trauma as well causing insomnia.Insomnia is my biggest problem and I am suffering terribly with it at present.I am frequently bedridden and feel robbed of life. When im not bedridden… Read more »


Hi diane, Don’t lose hope on recovery, when you’ve been ill so long it does feel as though your life is over but it can all change like it did for me. Forget remedies, focus on changes that you can consistently make for the rest of your life. You have to make a extreme overhaul of your life to see positive changes (from my experience anyway). What is your diet like? what is your posture like? do you breath through your chest? do you feel wired constantly? do you use gadgets a lot? what time do you go to bed?… Read more »


Hi James I was so inspired by your story. I have hade cfs I think for as long as 30 years but only recently diagnosed. I kept putting my exhaustion down to lifestyle but after reading more about the condition I realised I have lived with this most of my adult life and that makes me very sad. I am still young enough to start the road to recovery and hearing your story I am more determined than ever. Thank you for sharing


Hi Diana, How are you doing? Have you tried any of the ANS / Gupta / DNRS programs? I have never experienced a adult healthy life either, I am 30 yo, I have had CFS for 10 years. I will now work with a functional doctor who addresses parasites, mold, Lyme, heavy metals, she uses Cellcore supplements which seem very efficient, and I think I will add a brain rewiring program to my healing protocol.


Thanks Dan and James for this – it’s probably the first of the recovery stories that had some really valuable information for me. I’m still looking and hoping for that one thing that will work. I’ve always wanted this – needed this – because if I find that one thing, then all I have to do is that one thing and I’ll never get CFS again. It’s like an insurance. Staying well is equally important to me as getting well – I’m sure most can relate to that. I am totally guilty of ditching something because it hasn’t helped ‘a… Read more »


Hi Jane, thanks for the comment! The most important things to stick to do not require much money which is good 🙂 I told myself the same thing when it came to the last remaining pleasures in my life, but in the end, they all had to go. Everything! you can find alternatives. for example frozen bananas in a food processor/blender makes surprisingly very nice icecream. We’re all guilty of pushing ourselves. I believe it comes from no one around us taking us seriously, therefore we stop listening to our body. Rest rest rest! If you have any questions, feel… Read more »


When was this recording made because he said last sept having started in 2014 which would be 18 months, but you said 9 months so I’m wondering if you recorded this a year ago or if you got the time span wrong?

Really useful recording.

Adam Lomax

I really enjoyed listening to this, as James’ went through many of the same challenges I faced during my journey, at a similar age. There are so many similarities. Felt really moved, in a very positive way.
It sounds like he lives near me – I don’t suppose you still have his details and would be willing to share with me by E-mail? I’d love to get in touch with him and share our recovery experience 🙂

Adam Lomax

Thanks Dan, much appreciated.

I’d love to share my recovery story on your website at some point when you’d like to do some more 🙂


Give me a message adam on my youtube channel and i will talk with you there


James, thank you for sharing your story. I have to admit, I had tears in my eyes as you began because it almost felt like I was hearing my story come out of your mouth. I too, was 14 or 15 when I started getting ill with headaches, and fatigue. I too thought I was just “lazy”. I felt also that I was an 80 year old stuck in a young persons body. And those stairs, those bloody stairs!! I felt completely wiped out every time I had to go upstairs, like I would collapse.I had anxiety attacks, depression, didn’t… Read more »


Hi mary, i’m glad you can relate! being able to relate to somebodies story was what gave me the faith to keep going. It’s all about consistency with good big changes to your daily life that win the battle. Visualise how you want to feel 6-9-12 months from now and make the big changes to ensure it happens. Check out my youtube channel and leave me a comment if you have any more questions 🙂 thanks !

Kelly Sc

Thank-you James. I can relate to you in many ways, although I have only had cfs for almost one year, now. I found what you said about the human body having millions of years of wisdom to be quite profound and wise. I too can see now that I’ve been looking for a singular cure. I’m going to take on board your advice on looking at your weekly habits/ schedule and changing one thing at a time and keep adding to the pile. I too have thought that I’m lazy, or am making this illness up. It’s so good for… Read more »

Colin Graham

Hi Dan and James. Thanks for this inspiring conversation. I learnt a lot from it and am grateful to you both. The hours of sleep we get (nine hours is recommended), or lack of them, has been one of the major causes of my CFS. Since 1999, I’ve had six relapses, all of them in the six-week period from the end of April to the start of June; a time when, in the northern hemisphere, we grow more active after winter and the nights grow shorter as we approach the summer solstice, June 21st. At the moment, (June 2017) it… Read more »

Chris Andersen

Thank you Dan for bringing this interview to us. And thank you James, for all your wisdom. I hear multilateral, do it all as well as you can and keep it up. Oh and the body knows, very wise!


Great advice form a young man having to deal with this crazy condition. I totally agree that you have to go 360 degrees on your life and change everything for the better – and the more basic you go the more impact. Like change your diet before considering supplements. Do detoxing routines (I had great help from infra red sauna). Get fresh air and if possible a bit of moderate movement – like a walk. Do things for your mental sanity – I started to bathe in the winter time every morning – nothing like a dip in ice cold… Read more »


Hi Dan and James Just wanted to thank you both for another inspirational story. I decided to watch this following watching Dan’s recent post on acceptance of the condition being key to recovery. I have realised that I have been in denial in the hope that somehow I could lead a normal life. I am currently off work and having to re examine my priorities in relation to my health and general life balance. It is very emotional to hear someone else’s account of their experience whilst giving sound support and advice. Many thanks for reinforcing hope when it is… Read more »


I wanted to say a big thank you to James and Dan for this video. I have listened to a few recovery stories have found James to beinspirational as it resonates personally to everything I have been and am still going through. I have had CFS/ME for 8 and a half years and have been off sick from work for over 2 years now. James recovery efforts and all of the strategies he used including lack of stimulation, change of attitude, diet, listening to his body, emotional and psychological improvements are all of the things I know will help me… Read more »


Love this interview.It’s like a tapestry of rich threads with clues everywhere. Looking at our own unique map will surely guide us back to health and happiness. Thank you James.


The comment on stimulation resonates. I haven’t heard this one as much, but this is one I have noticed I react to. Some of it is difficult to eliminate due to work, etc., but I need to look at where I can reduce this.

Caroline Salisbury

What an amazing boy turned man. I think what he has done is utterly amazing – at such a young age to have to go through that, and without the support of parents – teenage years are enough of a challenge in themselves, without that!! I hope you can truly see what a strong, thoughtful, intelligent and resilient person you are James. Any parent should be bursting with pride at what you’ve achieved…I hope your life brings you all the happiness and health you deserve.

Sally Aspden

Thanks James and Dan, it’s wonderful how you both think through every aspect of what needs to be done. I’ll remember the gratitude mindset that you mentioned.

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