Tim shares his long-term recovery from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis 

When people hear of others that have recovered from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, they often wonder if they can stay recovered. Tim shares how he got his health back and stayed well for over a decade after 5 years of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Many people struggle to heal from ME and suffer a great deal, so it was especially interesting how Tim looks back at his struggles to recover from the illness.

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i think this is very useful but it would be great making a summary in text format.

Hilary sidwell

Very good to hear this story of recovery . I am in my 3rd year and have been pretty much housebound for the past 6 months. To try and keep my hope alive I have decided to listen to a recovery story each day. There are also a number of recovery stories on the web site of the Optimum health clinic -a specialist ME clinic in London. I am determined not to give up.
Many thanks for sharing your story Tim.

Noel Voss

Any way to keep in contact with people who have recovered for encouragement and reassurance? I’ve had ME for 6 years now. I think I’m getting better, but any help would be great!


Second time listening to the video (once in 2015 and again now). Great insights. Easy to listen to. Mental stress awareness is just a big a factor in recovery as physical stress as Tim talks about in his recovery journey. Thank you Tim and Dan.

Trish Covich

Beautiful interviews. God bless you both for sharing