Alex Howard of OHC Discusses His Experience with Treating ME/CFS Effectively

After I published CFS Unravelled, I have continued to receive emails from people that gained great hope about recovery from ME/CFS and recovery from Fibromyalgia by reading the book.  Based on the expanation and framework for recovery from fibromyalgia and ME/CFS that I had offered, many people subsequently found Alex Howard of OHC (the Optimum Health Clinic) and told me that he shares many of my views about how to recover from ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia.

So this interview is a result of the repeated emails I keep getting.  The head of the clinic is Alex Howard who himself recovered after many years of ME/CFS.  It’s the first time Alex of OHC and I have spoken and indeed it turns out we share many of our views.

We discuss the need for a change of funding and treatment for everyone suffering with ME/CFS & Fibro & how patients have been terribly let down and neglected by the system.  We also talk about why psychology plays an important part even though this is a physical illness and not a psychological illness.

We also discuss how people become jaded after many years of the illness and the insights he has gained about recovery after treating 1,000’s of patients over the years and the need for evidenced based medicine and medical trials so that effective treatment protocols can become more available from a financial point of view and more easily shared in the medical community.

I hope you gain many insights from this interview.  Here is a link to the Optimum Health Clinic:

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