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Remarkable recovery after over a decade of illness:

From bedridden with Fibromyalgia/CFS/MCS to fully well in 12 months

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picture of Peter with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and MCS recovery details

If you are bedridden, bedbound or couchbound, however, you like to describe it, it can be easy to wonder if that changes your possibility of recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

Peter shares his emotional journey including some of the low points of his illness and what life is like now.

Peter recovered using the ANS REWIRE recovery program and made a full recovery after 11 years of illness in about 12 months.  As he describes, he is more than 100% recovered – sounds odd right? Well, he highlights how we lose perspective of what is normal and only really fully rediscover it when we are fully well again.  Those in the program can also watch his insights interview where he discusses the different aspects of the program.

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Mary Parry

This is so inspiring. Although I have never been as low as Peter was, lots of what he says rings true for me. That he has managed to get so well renews my courage.


Thank you Dan. Very much appreciated the detail and getting out of bed and back to health. I have antibodies to late stage Neuroborelliosis in my blood but weirdly my symptoms are not so different to Peters and even though I will have to start herbs or ABX for that your protocol is still foremost in my mind. I keep telling my LL do about it and making sure that nothing he gives me aggravates my already cranky ANS. Thank you Peter and good luck.


wow! what a recovery and a fantastic interview, so inspiring and encoraging


Great story and recovery. Dan, can you tell me how your program is different than Gupta’s. I’ve suffered horribly from fibromyalgia for 17 years. I have tried every program, doctor, supplement out there like so many other people. I’m hundreds of thousands of dollars into it and can’t afford to just try one more thing. I did Gupta’s program but did not see any results. Just wondering how yours might differ. Thanks.


Hi Dan, Thanks for your reply. I looked at the answer you provided but I’m still not clear on what differentiates your program. I’ve done Gupta’s Program and am interested in yours but don’t want to duplicate my efforts. I think it’s a fair question to ask what you specifically provide in your prigram that he might not. Not asking you to go negative because that isn’t necessary….just want to know How you’re different. Thanks.

Veronique Mead

Dear Peter and Dan, What a wonderful interview. Peter, thanks so much for sharing your story, and the steps you took. I’m so happy for your recovery!! Dan, I read your book’s first edition, have read some of your posts on Health Rising and hold a similar view. I have been slowly recovering from my own ME/CFS by working with my nervous system in very similar ways (I learned a similar perspective after leaving medicine and retraining as a somatic therapist, including learning about effects of subtle and overt trauma on the nervous system). I suspect altered patterns of regulation… Read more »


Hi Dan,

It’s Peter here. I just watched the interview and it all seems like a dream to me now. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing how intense the illness was, how long it lasted, how frustrating it was to get a diagnosis and how confused I was during the illness. I wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to share my story. I hope that I will be able to inspire others to help them with their recovery. I will never forget how you helped me to get my life back! Thank you Dan!


Thanks so much Peter. I do not always take the time to share how much these interviews mean to me but I find your story particularly inspiring. Your honesty & candour about your experience is refreshing. We are indeed fortunate that Dan took the time & initiative to develop this program. I wish you well in the future & look fwd to sharing my own story one day!

Laura Tabacchini

This story is just amazing. I identify myself a lot in the evolution of the desease, the worsening, loosing everything and giving myself an opportunity. Im still in the middle of the journey, but Peter’s story is so helpful and inspiring.
Thanks Dan. Thanks Peter

Claudia Goodell

Thank you Dan, and thank you Peter, for sharing your story. This is inspiring and supportive and your words help keep me on the right path.

Ron Hartwick

Peter’s reminders about recounting gratitudes and being kind to myself are just what I needed today! I am 8 weeks into the program. Started feeling better a few weeks ago, but apparently tried to be too active too soon. Feeling grateful for those activities, and resolving to do the Rewire videos again!

Judith F

“You’re no. 2 after my family…” What a wonderful endorsement, Dan! Peter truly came back from significant CFS/ME. The in-depth nature of this interview is so informative. That he can recall and share all that is a testament to his confidence and lack of “fear” he had before. The biggest reinforcement for me was Peter’s patience at starting at the bare minimum in physical movements and his commitment to building up, in every way, over time. Bravo, Peter! You are such an example for me in what you’ve accomplished!


Help. I have Severe Complex PTSD Fibromyalgia, CFS and the Litany of minor ish issues. Digestive problems, transient global myalgia, specific pain areas such as lower back, all joints and muscles. I also get frequent Migraines and frequent “normal” headaches. I either can’t sleep or I sleep for fifteen hours, my best was twenty two hours. The fibro fog is awful but, thankfully, not active currently. I have no stamina and can’t stand or walk for more than a short time. Whilst I was not originally depressed I am now. My dealings with Centrelink caused a flare up in an… Read more »


amazing interview, amazing story! Thank you both Peter and Dan!

Caroline Salisbury

Wow – this is such a powerful and wonderful interview! Thank you so much Peter and Dan. I have many of the symptoms Peter describes that I hadn’t heard other people talk about (electric shocks/jolts and vertigo) so that’s really reassuring that it’s all from the same root cause. SO happy for your Peter and thank you so much for your honest and open answers, I feel more positive knowing that you recovered – it gives me hope! Take good care of yourself and enjoy your life – it sounds amazing now!! 🙂

Adinas Henry

I am severe, I have been housebound bedbound for over two years now. I am feeling very down at the moment. Unlike the Peter, I have put on a lot of weight through not being able to move around. I can’t even walk up and down the driveway. I can’t read books, I can’t paint, I can’t write my cookbook as I cannot cook. I want to learn the piano, can’t do any of that. I want to visit my children who haven’t seen in months, not well enough to fly 🙁

Barbara Da

Thanks so much, Peter and Dan. What a wonderful recovery story and, unless you had suffered from the illness yourself, it would be difficult to imagine Peter having had such severe cognitive issues. He is so articulate, cogent, balanced, etc. in this interview; it gives me great hope for my own recovery. Love the info he relays in regard to self-nurturing. Sounds crazy but for some of us this is a difficult concept to get our heads around, even where to start! Hope life has continued to bring you many blessings. Peter.

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