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Learn To Cope & Discover Hope!

Discover Hope is a small e-Book written by Dan because he realised that before you can even consider recovery from ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia, you need to be able to cope with this illness and actually have hope for recovery. Because without hope, you will never take the action required for you to get better. This book is written in a concise manner to help uplift you or help you change your mindset if you are feeling down. And at around 55 pages, its readable even for those suffering with brain fog. 

What You'll Learn in this e-Book

  • The 8 steps to move from being hopeless to being hopeful
  • The 9 steps to cope with the stress of having the illness 
  • The 8 steps to change your negative thoughts and feelings resulting from feeling unwell
  • The 4 steps to deal with the financial pressures resulting of the illness
  • The 5 steps to prepare for your journey of recovery

What others are saying...

Interesting Book

I think there is so much written about CFS/M.E but to be able to purchase a free book is kind and helpful for those living with this disease are often found unable to work and therefore finances can be tight.
The book itself is inspiring and thought provoking and positive which is important in the recovery of such illness.


Practical and reassuring

Where there is life there is hope. If CFS is getting you down read this inspirational book and take charge of your life


Thank you for this inspiring and helpful book.

Daniel, thank you for this inspiring and helpful book. It came to me at a time when I felt I was just not getting anywhere and because I have other health issues the Fibromyalgia can be exacerbated at these times. I felt like I had a personal coach beside me as I read this book and now I am going to read CFS Unravelled again and again if necessary. When you live on your own and don't have a support network it can be very trying to get motivated each day. You make a great life coach Daniel!


An Excellent Primer for Chronically Ill, and all the rest of us too

This is a succinct and well-written small book to find a more positive frame of mind.


Five Stars

Very helpful and worth getting.



Anyone suffering the impact of chronic illness could benefit from the messages in this book. I really liked the step by step action instructions. Powerful in changing perspective from hopelessness to having hope and then believe that you can recover.


Great Book - Gave me Hope

This book is great, easy to read and to the point. It has definitely given me hope. An absolute must read for anyone who has lost hope about dealing with ME.


Good book to inspire hope and inspire action

This book by Dan Neuffer can be helpful for any people with CFS who are trying to regain hope and chart a course to recovery. Quite an insightful read, overall.


Really interesting read

I gave this my family to read as a sufferer of Me/cfs and fibromyalgia it enabled them to understand the illness better than me explain it and it also gave useful information on how to manage the symptoms


Recommend it to anyone with ME/CFS/FMS that feels really negative.

Suffering with CFS, I have found this book to be a great comfort before when I was down about having CFS and when I felt like I am never going to get better. I have actually just reread Discover Hope! Unlike the other book, this one is NOT on how to get better, but just on how to FEEL more positive. The "steps" really build on each other (although I skipped some not relevant to me). I really like it and would recommend it to anyone with CFS that feels really negative.


Surprisingly very helpful

Not a long book, but easy to read and a couple of things really resonated with me!
Nice to get some ways to mentally cope - helped me to change how I think about this terrible illness, especially after I thought about it a bit.
Definately recommended it to anyone struggling with this illness.


Fantastic read!

A well-written book by a CFS recoverer. He really knows what it is like to go through this illness, and offers some priceless tips to help you along the recovery path. Would definitely recommend!

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