Published on April 14, 2021 by Dan Neuffer
Last updated on May 24, 2022 by Dan Neuffer



00:00:00 About Dan Neuffer
00:02:09 What is the root cause of ME/CFS?
00:05:51 Why does POTS develop with ME/CFS?
00:08:19 Is there a link between Lyme disease and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV, glandular fever) and ME/CFS?
00:13:01 Can mental health issues such as anxiety and PTSD be the cause of ME/CFS? Can healing trauma heal CFS?
00:16:30 Why are people with endometriosis more likely to get ME/CFS?
00:18:02 What is the connection between migraines and ME/CFS?
00:20:23 What is brain training? What is neuroplasticity?
00:24:37 Why aren’t brain training and neuroplasticity programs found more often in mainstream medicine?
00:27:18 What conditions is ANS Rewire best for?
00:28:02 How could someone give a brain training program the best chance? Why doesn’t it help everyone?
00:32:06 What groups respond best to ANS Rewire?
00:34:26 How does age impact recovery?
00:37:25 Will brain training work for ME, or “just” CFS?
00:39:39 How do bed-ridden people do programs like ANS Rewire?
00:41:23 How could someone give themselves the best chance of having ANS Rewire work? Is there a certain point in your health journey when this is most effective?
00:44:10 Why do some people stop working on recovery once they are partially recovered?
00:46:13 How is ANS Rewire different from other programs?
00:50:54 Why does Dan share recovery stories and strategies of others who don’t use his program?
00:54:24 Is this a limbic system injury? Can retraining the brain help resolve post exertion malaise?
00:57:07 How does diet impact recovery?
01:01:20 Does spontaneous recovery ever happen? Do people “miraculously” heal?
01:05:14 When can someone consider themselves fully recovered? Can we ever heal to a pre-ME/CFS state?
01:09:14 How quickly can you recover from being sofa/bed-bound?
01:11:59 How come when people put in the same recovery effort, some will recover and some won’t?
01:15:44 What is the success rate with ANS Rewire?
01:17:50 Why can’t some people recover no matter how hard they try?
01:19:43 Can programs with extreme rules cause too much stress and impact recovery?

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Click on these links to learn more about Dan's book CFS Unravelled and his ANS REWIRE recovery program.

You can also check out Raelan's skillshare course via her affiliate link here: Lifestyle Pacing - Tools for Optimizing Energy and Achieving Your Goals

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Nathalie May

Excellent interview! I did the ANS Rewire program faithfully two years ago every single day and restarted it a second time immediately after finishing the program, to take better notes and have everything sink in. I gave it 150%. After ten years of being mostly housebound and or bedbound, I had hit rock bottom like Dan mentioned. I was at a point in my journey that I was willing to do anything. I had looked at the program two years prior but my body was too sick to handle the daily commitment. I did do a different program instead. I… Read more »


when you discuss success rates you say you don’t publish it because it can be misleading and you can’t adequately track it. But, you go on to say that you have many people who make full recoveries, some make partial recoveries and some don’t make any recovery. So why don’t you break down the numbers for us or the percents? I just don’t buy it when people won’t provide some sort of statistics.


Thank you so much for this interesting interview which reminded me about many important things and inspired me to take steps forward??

Debra Flick

How do I get started? I’ve had CFS/ME/FM/MCS EPSTEIN-BARR CUTOMEGLOVIRUS GULF WAR ILLNESS SINCE 1993. I want help to get well. I’ve tried everything

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