Published on November 18, 2013 by Dan Neuffer
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If you have ever been faced with the label of having depression when you actually suffered with MECFS, then you will really appreciate this brave and inspiring interview with Jane.

Depression and MECFS seem to go hand in hand; and for good reason.  But besides the physical reasons for the overlap, clearly suffering with any chronic illness including MECFS or Fibromyalgia can lead to feelings associated with depression.  After all, being disabled, misunderstood and in constant suffering IS DEPRESSING!

But repeatedly I hear people staunchly fighting the initial diagnosis of depression because they know their symptoms are real, and besides feeling miserable about their condition, they are often actually very enthusiastic and eager to participate in life – not at all like people suffering with clinical depression! But of course, over time having the illness can takes it toll and eventually, so many of us that experience this illness start to experience depression and Me/CFS. Jane shares her journey from ME/CFS to depression and how she recovered from depression and ME/CFS. 

Here are some interesting highlights to look out for:

  • How Jane changed her outlook to life as part of her recovery
  • How MECFS over time affected her confidence to participate in life
  • How Jane dealt with MECFS set backs
  • The lessons of living with depression and MECFS

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Jesse Hartigan

Hi Dan – great recovery story, thanks for sharing this! I find it quite eye-opening that there are so many parallels between my own experience and what Jane has related – e.g. taking the decision to get better, tuning into what your body is telling you, finding work that is true to who you are. All those have been so key for me, and I am certainly still getting acquainted with them. Cheers.


Thanks for the comment Jesse.

Keep going and share your story one day! 🙂


I AM FINISHED with Fibro ! Mahalo for all the videos ~ I’ve spent the day and evening
watching ~ diagnosed with “Organophosphate (pesticide) poisoning” 4 yrs. ago~ couldn’t walk up the stairs to my 3rd. grade class( much DOE stress for 30 yrs.)~ bleeding sores, hair loss, fatigue,PAIN ~
Much HOPE today!
ALOHA from GMO FREE HAWAII ISLAND (the Marches against Monsanto are going strong)
Please watch Dr. Vandana Shiva for inspiration.


Dan, Thanks for an outstanding literature review for CFS. I have taken some positive ideas from your book and it certainly gave me a lot more information on CFS than the traditional medical community including specialist physicians in CFS/ME. And thankyou for focussing on “Recovery”!!! This is fantastic Jane, I hope you get a chance to read this. Thankyou so much for genuine, honest and heartbreaking/uplifting story. It was truly inspiring and helped me get through yet another ” day at halfmast”. To hear how fit and healthy you were to ending up in a wheelchair well my heart goes… Read more »


Thanks for your comments Jennifer – it’s great to see you how you are choosing to be uplifted by these stories to keep yourself moving in the right direction. I will think about your suggestion! 🙂 xx


Wow, wow, wow, I loved hearing this. It could have been my words. Some of the key moments for me were, boundaries, self-discipline, routine, god of your understanding/inner-connection, believe you can get well, physical incapacity, trial and error, progressively stepping out of isolation and back into the community, planning fun stuff, the sea, meditation and parasites. And crucially Jane shared her experiences with compassion and equanimity. As I always say, “the day I can share my experience and allow others to have their experience, is the day I am fully healthy”. Whilst I am ‘needing’ others to ‘understand me’, I… Read more »


Thanks for your positive comment Moose – Yes, recovery from ME/CFS is a journey and more often than not, it involves a transformation not just in health, but also in how we look at life and ourselves!

Karin Barry

Thank you again Dan for bringing to light these testimonials. Jane, I am inspired and filled with determination and hope from hearing your story! This illness has also taken me to the depths of despair but I won’t give up and your words are uplifting in so many ways, thank you!


Hi Karin, thanks for your comment. Great to hear you using these stories to inspire you. I trust that the video explanation is helping you see the common threads amongst the stories.


Dan and Jane. Thanks so much for this interview! This a wonderful site, Dan. And Jane’s journey is real uplifting for me. I was diagnosed with Depression and have been under medications and been through counseling. It took a long time to look into my situation and to begin questioning my doctors diagnosis. I’ve been thinking that it was my energy level that was the real problem and depression was secondary. My depression is out of despair, confusion and hopelessness because I could not get myself to do the smallest of things. I use to enjoy life to the full,… Read more »


Hi Wil
Glad the site is uplifting and resonating with you – your symptoms are common and can be easily explained. Focus on getting an action plan for your recovery and start taking small steps towards that – over time, this really adds up to create powerful change. If you haven’t already watched them, make sure you request the education videos!


Hi Dan and Jane,Thanks for the amazing interview.
Thanks very much,Lee

Connie Stieger

Oh my, Jane! What a beautiful and inspirational story! Thank you so much for sharing. So much of your story I can relate to. I will refer to your story time and again, I am sure, as I now begin a newly determined and focused approach delving deep inside for those personal resources and intuition and reaching to the universe for its guidance and help. And, of course, reaching all the information in Dan’s book which has already helped me in my journey. Hope is a marvelous motivator! Your story and Dan’s story has certainly given me that! Thank you,… Read more »


Hello Dan, I don’t really get this depression/mecfs debate. Sure, symptoms differ and some overlap, but they probably originate from the same underlying mechanisms. I mean, what does this sentence from the article mean “But repeatedly I hear people staunchly fighting the initial diagnosis of depression because they know their symptoms are real” ? Aren’t depression’s symptoms real ? isn’t it an ANS(and limbic) disturbance too ? beside what caused depression and or mecfs, they can still be triggered by stress/trauma, wheter it is emotional/psychological/enviromental sensibility. it’s just the most predominant symptom that changes the name of the disorder, but… Read more »

Trish Covich

Thank you for sharing. Need more of this out there.. Too many waiting for a pill. At the very least try this advice whilst your waiting.


Thanks Dan. I listened to this interview with Jane and found a lot of wisdom to take awayfrom it. I’ve had CFS/ME for about 20 years and whilst I’m not as ill as I was, I still have a long way to go. I relate to the opinion that it’s finding out about who you really are and praying for help. Thinking of doing your programme next year which isn’t far off now. In the meantime I’m finding doing some gentle qi gong helpful and getting outside into nature daily. I congratulate Jane on not giving up.

Shawn Devoid

Thank you Jane for sharing your inspirational story. I particularly identified with your thoughts about how your illness came about (avoiding and suppressing emotions). I’m working hard (but gently!) toward recovery, with the guidance of Dan’s ANS REWIRE program. I feel so lucky to have this guidance and I admire your ability to recover through your own intuition, without a specific program for support. Well done and congratulations!

PS Thank you Dan for providing all these wonderful and inspirational stories of recovery!


A very inspiring story! Esp the bits about developing a routine, structure and finding/creating joy, establishing boundaries, exercise and creativity, and being in the right environment, ha… all of it really! These things im looking to establish myself so this has given me impetus!
Congratulations Jane! Thanks for sharing.


Amazing empowering story. Did Jane have treatment for the parasite ? The work you do Dan is amazing. I have been ill for a year and half now but I am now starting to see the triggers that cause crashes and it is always stress or overwhelm.

Jeanine Moreau Gouveia

Thank you Jane and Dan. I suffered a job loss that devastated me over 30 yrs ago. A few weeks later I developed a tightness/pressure in my chest that made me feel like I was never getting enough oxygen. It was really bad the first 3 plus years, was worse during two pregnancies, then disappeared. It has come back every year or as long as three years in between, sometimes mild, sometimes not. I’ve had anxiety my whole life so I still don’t know if it’s just anxiety or CFS has mutated from the anxiety? I’m going to see a… Read more »

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