Published on January 20, 2023 by Dan Neuffer
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Rachel tells how she went into fibromyalgia remission

After so many years of illness with IBS, Rachel suddenly developed Fibromyalgia following an accident.

She talks about the emotional pain surrounding her choices of that day and how she turned around her 3.5 year journey with the illness to go into fibromyalgia remission within 18 months.


Podcast Disclaimer0:01:08
How Rachel's fibromyalgia started0:01:52
What did Fibromyalgia diagnosis mean to Rachel0:05:35
What the fibromyalgia pain was like for Rachel0:08:54
Rachel's other fibromyalgia chronic illness symptoms0:09:43
How fibromyalgia affected Rachel's work0:13:11
The lead up to Rachel's Fibromyalgia onset0:15:03
Rachel's outlook for life with Fibromyalgia0:17:30
How Rachel's fibromyalgia remission started0:18:41
How long did Rachel take to go into full remission from Fibromyalgia0:25:12
The rollercoaster of lifestyle changes 0:27:44
How long until significant changes showed up for Rachel0:28:00
How Rachel's remission efforts expanded0:29:43
Finding the missing key for her recovery0:31:54
Rachel talks about stress impacting Fibromyalgia0:33:14
Was Rachel destined to get Fibromyalgia?0:34:21
Rachel's experience with yoga and meditation0:36:22
The benefits of CBT for Rachel0:38:29
Rachel gets diagnosed as being in remission - not cured0:41:50
Rachel answers "is Fibromyalgia a bad thing"0:45:24
Rachel talks about her engagement with life & impact on Fibromyalgia0:49:13
Dan digs into the impact of the choices and how we engage with life with Rachel 0:51:24
Rachel talks about faith, hope and belief during her fibromyalgia remission efforts0:55:48
What was IT that helped Rachel to go into remission and stay well0:59:20
What does remission really mean for Rachel?1:00:34
Dan asks Rachel about the identity of 'having fibromyalgia'1:07:44
Rachel's advice to others still experiencing fibromyalgia1:09:48


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Thank you for this detailed story. As you say Dan, it all helps put the pieces of one’s own puzzle together as we here the key actions that assisted someone else. Very helpful and I thank you both for your energy and time in helping others climb out of this barrel we are climbing out of. ??

Jaki Pritchard

I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 12 years ago. I’m in my 70s and feel that I’m in constant pain and can’t sleep well. I would love for the pain to go away and also get a good night’s sleep

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