Published on May 1, 2019 by Dan Neuffer
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10 years of of suffering with POTS/ME/CFS come to an end:

Kiki shares how she cures herself despite a Lyme diagnosis

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picture of Kiki with ME/CFS/POTS/Lyme recovery details

If you are sick a long time, chances are you searched for your cure for POTS, ME/CFS or chronic Lyme disease. But when nothing works, it’s easy to give up.

Kiki (@chronicallyhealed) somehow never lost hope that she would find a way to overcome POTS and ME/CFS.  She tried many so-called cures for POTS but nothing worked.

She tells how she finally tried something that made a difference – only 10% difference, but an improvement on her POTS symptoms nonetheless.

From there, she kept building her recovery, making progress little by little until she realised she was fully cured from POTS and ME/CFS.  Her experience with chronic Lyme disease is particularly interesting for anyone that has been diagnosed with that.

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Thank you for sharing Kiki, that was really inspirational, gives me hope!


Very inspirational story.
Imaging 3 hard diagnoses like this, at this young age..
I had my cfs diagnosis with end of my 20’s and this is hard enough for me, but as a teenager this 3 illnesses, very tough.
You probably wouldve skiped this time if you could but I’m sure this experience strengthen you for the rest of your life.
I liked your interview and your shyness. you got a beatiful smile. 🙂
Just wanted to say that I’m impressed with your strength and hope you will have a long, happy and healthy life.

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