Published on May 15, 2013 by Dan Neuffer
Last updated on July 12, 2019 by Dan Neuffer


Liz Dyde’s Mind-Body Connection in Fibromyalgia

This interview started about Liz’s own story or recovery but quickly into a Practitioner’s Interview as we explored the Mind-Body connection in Fibromyalgia.

Liz shares how her recovery was accidental both times and how she only later understood how and why she recovered when she gained a deeper understanding in the mind-body connection and its role in Fibromyalgia.

She shares her experience in assisting people with Fibromyalgia and how recovery occurs as a journey.

Listen to her great insights:

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Thank you very much for your recovery story, Liz .It gives us hope to continue!
Dan Neuffer you are very kind to share details of alternative treatment plans when you have an amazing comprehensive recovery strategy yourself, ” Ansrewire”


I tried the contact info for Liz and it did not work. I would like to ask her a few questions and she seemed to be willing to answer those. Can you help with that? I have always known this was connected to my mind. My latest happened after I was diagnosed with EDS. suddenly after that diagnosis I had more symptoms of it than I ever did. This did not make sense to me. But the dr told me I had it and told me what the symptoms were. So I think my brain said ‘oK then” I guess… Read more »


Thank you for responding. I did find a web page for her. I notice that your program requires you to be diagnosed with CFS or a few others. Have you applied your program to other stress illnesses? More info may be in your other videos. I have only watched the first one. I own the DNRS program and that one does have success with other illnesses and they seem to be expanding their area of help. But I am having problems and believe I will need coaching to be successful. I know all the traumas and stress occurrences that made… Read more »


Thank you. I agree. I am reading your book right now and have one more intro video to watch. I have been told lately by drs that the Ehlers Danlos is the cause of the autonomic problems but I have wondered based on my research, even before finding you, that the dysatuonomia is the root cause of all of this nightmare. I did not have this type of EDS symptoms until I was diagnosed with EDS. I am so thankful to have found you and have forwarded others to your information. I will make a decision about your program following… Read more »


Forgot to mention that I am an engineer and researching these things is something we have in common. Wondered if you were aware of new research starting now at There is also a FB page. They are working to link the turning on of the stress response genes to all of these illnesses and show that they are connected. I am going to give the dr there your information. You might find the information interesting.


another great interview – disappointing that doctors today are still telling people it’s incurable – so wrong and disheartening for them


This is great, thank you so much Dan and Liz. I have been reading books about this connection lately, like John Sarno and Nicole Sachs and came across Liz on the Sirpa website. I realised I recognised her face from here! Really enjoyed hearing her story, from what I can gather TMS is really the same as FMS/CFS so from what I can see the work to recover must also correlate , emotional work like EFT plus the stop process etc So comforting to start making these connections from different avenues.

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