Aiming for more than just symptom relief

from ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia!

It's always confusing when people use strategies and treatments that others have used to recover from ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia and only experience limited results themselves.  Understanding why this happens is key for staging your own recovery!

Dan's whole philosophy for ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia treatments is to go beyond symptoms treatment and focus on recovery from the syndrome as a whole.  This is because ad-hoc symptom treatments yield limited results for almost all people.

And it's similar with ad-hoc advice and coaching.  So whilst Dan has supported people from all over the world in their recovery efforts since the publishing of his book CFS Unravelled in January 2013, he now exclusively engages in a structured support approach to maximise recovery outcomes.

So rather than ad-hoc advice, Dan works with clients on a comprehensive recovery plan that complements and maximises the assistance of any other available resources and professionals, including your M.D., naturopath or other health care professionals.

Because the recovery framework involves a signficant amount of background education which is too costly and inefficient to deliver on a 1-1 basis, Dan now exclusively works with people enrolled in his online recovery program ANS REWIRE.  This program is comprehensive and designed to stand on its own.  However, some people still want some personal 1-1 guidance and help with particular challenges.  You can read below for a little more detail on the ANS REWIRE Recovery Program and Recovery Coaching:

ANS REWIRE Recovery Program

The ANS REWIRE recovery program for ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia is a comprehensive online video training program that is complemented by a set of 4 CDs. The program is designed to help people build their personal recovery action plan and teaches a multitude of specific strategies and techniques for recovery. 

It includes a free introductory module explaining how an online education/training program is central for recovery, how recovery is possible and what the program contains.  You can request access to this introduction for free via the form below or get more details:

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ME/CFS/Fibro Recovery Coaching

The ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia recovery coaching is to help people who feel they need additional 1 on 1 assistance in their recovery journey.  The focus of the coaching is to help you stay on track and remain focussed on your recovery efforts. 

Recovery coaching is ideal for people who feel they are stuck or plateauing in their recovery.  The coaching process includes:

  • Supporting and guiding you through your recovery journey;
  • Exploring in detail how your illness was originally triggered, to tailor your strategy for a lasting recovery;
  • Helping you identify your triggers and treatment options to accelerate your recovery;
  • Helping you build your daily and weekly action list for your recovery;
  • Guidance on engaging with various health care professionals where needed;
  • Tailoring and fine-tuning any strategies to your specific experience and preference.
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