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Watch the Transformation Before Your Eyes :

A Recovery from Long-Term ME/CFS

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picture of Brenten with ME/CFS recovery details

Many people wonder if recovery is possible for people that are sick long-term with ME/CFS. Brenten’s story is a wonderful example of what’s possible and we were lucky enough to capture parts of his journey on film.

When Brenten watches the footage from a few years earlier when he experienced the powerful shift transforming his recovery efforts after reading CFS Unravelled, he gets quite emotional, and frankly so do I.

Having coached Brenten during his recovery and walked side by side with him, through what was probably one of the roughest recovery journeys for someone recovering from long-term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I’ve seen, makes this story especially close to my heart.

When Brenten goes to watch the old footage of himself, feel free to pause and watch the video below sharing his experience of reading the book.

Watch this video when Brenten and I pause our recording in the above video!

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Brenten quote with background of runner on road
Brenten quote with background of runner on road
Brenten quote with background of man standing at water edge at sunset
Brenten quote with background of man standing at water edge at sunset
Emotional picture in ME/CFS Recovery interview with lower legs in background
Emotional picture in ME/CFS Recovery interview with lower legs in background
background picture of mountain with 3 pictures showing ME/CFS recovery journey
background picture of mountain with 3 pictures showing ME/CFS recovery journey

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Thanks for sharing, Dan. It’s nice to have some validation now and then while on this journey. And it helps to know that this back and forth is part of the process.

Thanks Dan and Brenten.


Oh, one other thing, Dan. The before and after video is unavailable.


Excellent interview. Perhaps the most insightful interview from a recoveree that I’ve ever seen.

The before and after video just comes up with a blank screen (like a detuned TV) and says “This video is unavailable”. Could it be a geographical issue?


Yep – works now.


What a moving story- I wanted to reach out and hold him in the before video! The utter despair,fatigue and exhaustion was there in his eyes- a look I recognise! I’ve seen a few recovery stories where the sufferer is bouncing around at end talking about the latest marathon they have done or whatever and somehow it’s hard to relate to as you think ‘that will never be me’ however there was something real and raw about Brenton and his eloquence that was sooo relateable – even the bit where he talks about thinking he was unique in his story… Read more »

Julie York

I have found this interview so inspirational and emotional . I have been suffering for 10 years , so many ongoing symptoms… i have ordered your book and feel I am completely ready to open myself up for recovery. Thank you for your guidance, you have been the only person out there who has given me answers and hope.


Love the interview. Especially knowing that everyone feels like they are the only one who will not get better. Understand the turning point is taking responsibility for your own health and having hope, but what would be really helpful to me is knowing what the first signs of recovery were for others. The first physical proof that they were starting to get better.


Dan wat about wen ur bedridden and it’s really one constant flare. I ask cuz some things like internal vibration which were shocking 10 months ago have all but disappeared so I think I’m Getting better but then the night sweats come back. So better or just cyclical? I don’t think it’s obvious unless looking in the rear view mirror when recovered. That’s why I asked and wd love to hear included in stories cuz this for me wd build on the hope. Love CFS unravelled. Am using it for my recovery but at this stage don’t know if I’m… Read more »


Thank you Dan. When the fear gets too much I listen to your recovery stories. I live alone with minimal support and often they are the only thing I have to keep afloat. Keep ’em coming.


Thank you Brenten and Dan for sharing this interview. I’ve been sick for about 7 years now, believing that its only time, rest and avoiding stress that will allow my body to recover. But its taking so long and the setbacks are brutal. Listening to your experience has given me hope. I’ve always believed that this illness and recovery is a complete mind, body and spiritual transformation journey and what you say confirms this.

Mary Parry

The last few remarks that Brenten made in that video hit home for me: that it is vital to believe in the possibility of getting better. Over the years the wisdom that I have received, through the literature I have been exposed to, preaches that M.E. follows a path of each time one has a set-back one recovers, but never to quite the same level as one was at before the set-back, so that there is a slow but gradual deterioration over time. I think, for me, that has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have never suffered to anything like… Read more »

Lyssa T

Thank you, Dan and Brenten for this insightful and inspiring video! The thing that most struck me was Brenten’s comment about how he had to “make space” for getting well, i.e. he had to be able to imagine what it would feel like to be well, and be able to see that future. That was a huge “aha!” for me, because I don’t have a “before” to compare to. My therapist believes I’ve had ANS Dysfunction since early childhood trauma began at the age of two. I don’t remember a time in my life, even throughout my childhood, when I… Read more »


Dan,I’m confused by your decision to layer music over this film. I found it impossible to watch as I think would the majority of people with our experiences.I could see from muting the film the awful suffering of this man and it was upsetting not to be able to listen to his story. I’ve had to more or less stop watching t.v. because of the way emotive music is layered over dialogue these days and have had to resort to older shows and films from before this format became the norm. Please, please on a website for people who I’m… Read more »

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