Published on January 15, 2014 by Dan Neuffer
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Recovery From ME/CFS using Mind/Body Approach Gupta Programme

Jenny didn’t try many ‘alternative’ treatments because she was very skeptical. However, after 4 years of illness she decided to invest in a mind/body approach for recovery from ME/CFS called the Gupta Programme.

After just 3 weeks, the improvements she experienced were dramatic and she went on to be 80-90% better within 6 months.

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Ashok and I agree on the primary mechanism for ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia and I myself used many techniques similar in nature to the techniques he teaches in his programme. For more information about the Gupta Programme (AKA Gupta Amygdala Retraining Programme), visit this site:

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Jesse Hartigan

Thanks for sharing, Dan. I myself have been using the Gupta programme for the past 2.5 years, off and on, and have achieved some good results…though not quite there yet. Cheers, Jesse.


People have varying results depending on what’s going on with them, but I definitely think that Ashok has done some fantastic work in championing recoveries for many people over the last decade!


Hi Dan, thank you for these recovery stories, they are inspiring and so informative. I absolutely need to hear these. I am 26 years into this illness and know this length of time is a hinderance to my faith in gaining health, vitality and wellness.

For years I have hated this illness but realise such a strong negative emotion does not promote healing. I am 45 years old and feel that this year is different from the rest. This year holds nuggets of wisdom that I am ready to hear.

Thank you for being a part of that.



Well done for being so positive after 26 years!

You are way ahead of where I was.

Time to put the pieces together, take action and build confidence in your recovery.

May 2014 be your best year yet!




I wanted to share some wise words from the Book, Warrior of Light:

A warrior of the light notices that certain moments repeat themselves.
He often finds himself faced with the same problems and situations as before.
He becomes depressed. He begins to think he is incapable of making progress in life, the difficult moments having returned.

“I’ve already been through this”, he complains to his heart.
“It is true, you have been through it”, replies the heart. “But you’ve never gone beyond it.”


Wise words! 🙂

Sula Maye

As I’ve said elsewhere the thing that is great about Gupta is that he will give you your money back if you’re not better after 6 months of implementing his approach – which I got back no hassle. It has helped but not cured me, but then I had only hit the wall 6 months earlier so my body probably hadn’t done enough healing, although I have to say it moved me from shufflling 20 yrds to being able to move more freely! Plus his dvd’s can be done in the home, and only cost just over £100 not like… Read more »

Barbara Thomson

Hi Dan, Thank you for these recovery stories. Following a particularly stressful period I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with ME with various symptoms e.g. overwhelming tiredness, severe head pain, anxiety, fear of life, light and sound sensitivity. This led to a massive loss of confidence and my need to end my work of 18 years as a counsellor. I see myself on a ‘healing journey’ and have been helped along the way by The Optimum Health Clinic and Ashok Gupta. I applaud both of them, and with their help I have achieved 70 – 80% recovery. In addition… Read more »


Thanks for your comment Barbara.

It’s wonderful you have been inspired to take you recovery further! It is important not to settle short of the goal.

I appreciate you sharing your experience and wish you all the best in leaving ME/CFS behind you and regaining full health again!


Barbara Lanz

Thank you so much for the videos. I got sick after a car wreck where I had a broken neck, half way through anesthesia (high stress) school when I was 28. I am 60 now, and along the way have been told I was crazy, addicted…which I was, depressed, and many other things. I knew I had no tolerance for stress, either physical or emotional/psychic. I have also instinctively known it had something to do with ATP or mitochondria energy production. I tried many many things, and at times some helped, some did not. I had good days, and bad… Read more »


Hi Barbara,

It never ceases to amaze me what people can achieve despite having this terrible illness.

Congratulations on your Masters.

I hope that CFS Unravelled brings your strategy all together for you to help you achieve your recovery.




Dan, thanks for keeping these great stories coming! They’ve really helped to turn me around. It is definitely telling how many similar elements everyone’s stories of getting sick have. I got sick after my second year of medical school when I had a number of major psychological and athletic stresses going (on top of the notable stress of school itself!) when I got a respiratory infection followed by fatigue that wouldn’t quit. The rest of my symptoms came on in fits and starts, ending with me having to leave school halfway through third year. I am a born skeptic, and… Read more »


Hi Jay, Thanks for your comment – I am glad you are having success. CFS Unravelled was designed to open skeptics like you and me up to the techniques I used (many similar to the Gupta programme). Without the understanding of how everything works, it’s easy to get offended thinking that the ANS dysfunction explanation that many people like myself and Ashok give, is saying “it’s in your head”. Clearly it’s a physical illness, but given it’s root mechanism resides in the nervous system, mind/body approach is an important part of recovery. My hope is that you go back to… Read more »

Susan Edwards

As always, a big, heartfelt thank you Dan. Your gentle compassion and commitment shine through in your work. I check into your website regularly for inspiration on my journey. Thanks for getting be started on my path to health.


Thank you for your kind comment Susan

I think most of us who come out of the nightmare of CFS want to help others do the same!


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