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The Lightning Process – Simon’s Last Ditch Effort for Recovery from M.E

picture of Simon Pimenta with ME/CFS recovery statistics

Simon spent over 8 years trying to get well after being diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). After being sick for so long, he couldn’t even envisage feeling well again. Having tried countless strategies with only limited success for so many years, he came across something called The Lightning Process.

Whilst not convinced, he felt he was running out of options, and he felt that if the Lightning Process doesn’t work for him, then he would just stop chasing solutions.

In this moving interview, Simon talks about the lack of understanding from Dr for his friend with M.E. and how his low point came with the isolation from life, the breakdown of his relationship and the death of his friend with ME/CFS who committed suicide.

Whilst the lightning process was key to Simon’s recovery, he also shares his willingness to use multiple strategies, to keep an open mind, to learn to change his mindset. We talk not just about the lightning process, but also about what it really feels like to have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and how Simon not just changed his health, but changed how he lives his life.

Following Simon’s recovery using the Lightning Process and other strategies, he like so many others that recover has dedicated himself to helping others with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. You can find out more about how he helps on his website here:


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Dear Dan and Simon,
Thank you so much for this interview with both of you showing such compassion, understanding and common sense. Great to hear of your recoveries from CFS/ME. I too benefited greatly from the Lightning Process. I am yet to make a full recovery. But I went from bedbound to walking, so it was quite a result! and I now live a very different life. For me it was both an immediate result, then followed by lots of work!
With love, Katherine


Thanks for your comment Katherine! The immediate result is great, as it gives you the capacity to continue your efforts until you make a full recovery.

Simon Pimenta

Thanks Katherine for your positive feedback! And great to hear your experience!


Thank you so much for sharing this vital information and a beacon of hope.

Simon Pimenta

You are welcome Dorothy!


but can he eat what he wants now?

Simon Pimenta

Hi Soofke

I can eat what I like now, AND I choose to eat a healthy diet. I am very interested in optimum nutrition. So I don’t eat as much bread as I used to for instance, but if I am out and want to grab a sandwich, I do.

Dan Gmaj

Thanks Simon 🙂 I really appreciate you sharing your story 🙂 It ticked many boxes and smiled & nodded a lot! In Dan’s own recovery story he refers to the ‘rollercoaster of hope and disappointment’ I see this as a real modern problem to recovery brought on by gurus and miracle workers pedaling theory’s and taking money from the afflicted! As a sufferer of CFS/ME the one thing you can do without is confusion! So what now do you expect me to say about the likes of ‘Lightning’ or ‘Mickel’ therapy? Well (here goes) Just take the names away! (They… Read more »


Thanks for your comment Dan.

Glad to see you are being positive and moving forwards.

Simon Pimenta

Hi Dan I can’t comment on mickel therapy, as I am not fully informed about it. However I have had clients who have done MT, and found the Lightning Process beneficial. As I mentioned in the video, I did CBT, took supplements, and did loads of other things, and still wasn’t well. Great that you are progressing. Again, as I say in the video I think, I don’t care how people get well, as long as it is safe and sustainable. Metabolism, re: fast or slow, I don’t know. When ill, I took multi vits and minerals, vit C, Vit… Read more »

Patricia Simon

Thanks for this very insightful interview. I have heard something about the lightening process and what it entails ( despite the instructions given to clients to keep it secret and not to talk about it!?) I understand it is not quite the same as CBT. I would like to ask Simon, though, what he would describe it as . Is it a form of self hypnosis?


I will see if I can reach Simon for a response! 🙂

Simon Pimenta

Hi Patricia I have NEVER EVER told clients that they can’t talk about the Lightning Process. Practitioners are NOT told to tell clients this. If a Practitioner has ever said this to a client, it is not in keeping with how we are supposed to deliver the training, and does no favours to other Practitioners! The LP includes teaching people relaxation techniques, but there is more to it than that. I will be uploading a report ‘Can I Reduce My Symptoms?’ to my website soon that will give you insight into the approach. Feel free to email me directly if… Read more »


Great story! Thanks so much for sharing. All these recoveries seem to have the same basic elements. That really helps strengthen belief in the principles underlying recovery and the resolve to keep working! Like you, Simon, I started to get better once I began to understand what an intense effect a small thought, even an unconscious one, could have on my body. Best!


Hi Jay
Thanks for your comment – it’s great to see someone recognise and articulate this. Yes, every person’s experience with ME/CFS and Fibro that I have ever come across fits in with the explanation offered in CFS Unravelled, whether it is how they get the illness, or how they recover.
Great to hear you are focussed on your recovery!
Kind wishes,

Simon Pimenta

Hi Jay

Sorry for delayed response; just seen your post. I think you are spot on Jay, I didn’t understand how my thoughts impacted on my health until I did the LP.

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!


Karin Barry

Simon and Dan

This is the second recovery story I have listened to on here now and I wanted to thank you. ‘Hope’ is a very powerful aid when you have ME/CFS and by sharing these stories that is what I get! Really grateful to you both.


You are welcome Karin. When we are told we cannot get well from ME/CFS and we never hear otherwise, it’s only natural to believe this. Glad you are regaining your hope, now it’s time to transform it into healing action.



Simon Pimenta

Hi Karin

Glad you found these stories helpful. Good on Dan for inviting me and others to share their story.
Wishing you well!

Best wishes



Dear Simon and Dan
I am so deeply grateful to you both to brings hope to the life of people who are suffering in pain including myself. Many blessings to you both.
Simon is it possible if i have more communication with you on how you healed your gut. I have been working with two naturopath for one year and they both have been useless so i am taking over my health more proactively. you can reach me on my email mentioned above. many blessings


Hi Sherry, Thanks for your comment. The thing to remember is that we need to address the root dysfunction first, because whilst you can heal the gut to an extent, whilst ME/CFS/FMS is still going, the problems just get recreated – so you chase your tail! Hope that helps. 🙂

sherry P

hi Dan thanks so much for response. i am digging and digging, doing tons of emotional cleanse! but also going to address candida and parasite too. thank you for sparking hope.
this is a beautiful poet for you and all the seeker out there
success is failure turned inside out
the silver tint of the clouds of doubt
and you never can tell how close you are
it may be near when it seems so far
so stick to the fight when you ‘r hardest hit
it’s when things seem worst that you must ‘t quit



Simon Pimenta

Hi Sherry

Sorry: I have only just seen your post. I can’t see your email address. Please contact me via my website, and I will be happy to share my thoughts with you.

Best wishes


Paul Beith

I´m involved in 3 sites regarding people who have – or haven´t – recovered by changing location. The highest chances of success are going to tropical seas – or to deserts and practising strict mold avoidance. The M.E. establishment will not investigate these treatments, though they are aware of them. Thanks for your blog !


Hi Paul – Mold certainly can be a problem for anyone, especially those with M.E. Hopefully the video explanation will put the mold experience into context for you!


Hello. I really appreciate the video and all the positive insights. I am currently feeling a bit hopeless and scared. I have been battle the illness for 17 years. I am a teacher in NY sTate, which is highly stressful in and of itself. I force myself to get up I. The wee hours of the morning and work a full day because I have no choice. There is no fall back and not a family structure to lean on. While watching the video, I was envious that Simon was able to not work and focus on getting well. I… Read more »


Hello Racquel I am glad you enjoyed the interview and found it uplifting. Your feelings are natural, it is a difficult illness to deal with. Unfortunately, many or maybe even most of us don’t have the luxury of affording the time off during our recovery period. This can make things a little more challenging, but by no means excludes you from recovery and I have met others who have recoverd whilst working. Regarding the psychic reading, I strongly recommend that you stay away from this type of thing. Frankly, it’s so destructive for someone to tell you something like that.… Read more »

Simon Pimenta

Hi Raquel

I echo Dan’s comments regarding the psychic. I don’t think that her comments are helpful, and psychics are not right all the time. That information needs to be filed in the dustbin!!

Yes, it was helpful that I wasn’t working. However, I have worked with many people in your situation. Again, as Dan says, the key is to focus on what you can influence. Reducing the stress is possible, and either Dan or I would be happy to help you look at strategies for doing this.

Best wishes



Thanks for the comment Simon.
What do you think are some of the best ways people can reduce their stress when they have ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia if they are still in a work situation. Are there any specific strategies you teach your clients?

Simon Pimenta

Hi Dan There are some simple strategies that I share (see Strategies for Sleep and Relaxation in the downloads section of my website), and mindfulness practice can help this. However, I think to really address stress effectively, we need to develop a resilient mindset, so that we know how to recognise when we are knocked off balance, and restore equilibrium, and develop the mindset so that we are less likely to be knocked off balance in the first place. This requires more comprehensive training. I do offer a free strategy session to help people identify goals and some practical steps… Read more »


Great advice!

Thanks for sharing Simon.

Trish Covich

Absolutely loved this interview. I am practicing having fun, more downtime which means not just resting body but mind too.I deserve to be well and so, I love myself, I apologize to self lovingly, I thank myself for taking care of me as if it were my own child.
Thank you so much to both of you. You speak diamonds of key knowledge. ?

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