"There is no Cure for Fibromyaliga" - An Inspiring Interview about Recovery from MCS, CFS & FMS

Most of us would be devistated to hear that “You have Fibro – There is no Cure for Fibromyaliga!” But Evelyn’s breakthrough came right being told just that when she had been suffering for years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and then finally Fibromyalgia .

In this interview, Evelyn shares how she counted over 100 symptoms and was called a “pathological liar” during one of her hospitalisations. And when she was finally told that she had FMS and that there was no cure for Fibromyalgia, she turned her life around.

In this interview she shares how she regained her health and how important motivation and consistent action is.

“There is no cure for Fibromyalgia” – so she Recovered from FMS/CFS/MCS against all odds!”

Here are some interesting highlights to look out for:

  • What happened in the parking lot when Evelyn had just seen the Fibro specialist?
  • What question did she ask herself about Fibro right after the diagnosis?What does Evelyn say why she thought she “could cure herself from Fibromyaliga” ?
  • How long did it take for her to recover?

Evelyn is a life-coach and works hard at Fibromyalgia advocacy in Italy. To contact her you can visit her website – https://www.lifetrainer.it/


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Loved the interview! and Evelyn enthusiasm! Does she have an english website? Did she use traditional sauna or FIR sauna? Would love to hear more details about her diet. I thought I had the disease under control too using diet, daily walks, the best foods, weekly massage etc etc. and then things turned from FMS to scary progressive neuro symptoms 8 years later with onset of optic neuritis. No autoimmune diagnosis.-I fall in the chronic lyme category. It is frustrating when one thinks they are building health all those many years-I’m not giving up I continue to do it all.… Read more »


Hi Selma – thanks for your positive feedback. Not sure what sauna she used.

Glad you are continuing your efforts and staying positive – it can be a rough road along the way!

Hope to create more resources for you soon!

Dan 🙂


Thanks for sharing this. I wish I could try some of the therapies like sauna. She makes a lot of sense. I have had incontinence for several years now. I have tried everything to get it to stop and nothing has worked, including sling surgery (last month). I can’t help but come to the conclusion that it is because of the fibro..I should have known. Anyways, very informative and I appreciate it.


Thank you very much for your positive comment – glad it gave you some insight!


Hello Dan, Wow are you great with the computer and publishing??!!! You’re a real phenomenon! I’ll listen to the registration now but I’d just like to say that in the past months we’ve brought Italy out of the dark ages and now cures are circulating on the internet. It’s so emotional! Of my little warrior group (people I coach for fighting fibro) I have three asymptomatic people and many who are quite near- then they’ll have to remain that way for 12-24 months (I have two without symptoms now for 6 and 8 months). But all very tough though…. Lots… Read more »


Thanks Evelyn,
Great to hear of your great work in Italy – yes it always takes a little time!
Look forward to conencting with you again soon.
Dan XX

Brenda Evans

I would like to have info on your diet. Thanks very much.


Amazing lady, amazing story! I would be interested to know if she tried all those things (meditation vitamins, saunas etc etc) at the same time for the duration of six months, or was trying different things at different times within the six months? Very interesting and informative story thank you!


I can’t answer for her – but my expectation is that it was a consistent effort doing “20 things a day every day”. It’s the persistent multilateral approach that usually gets us across the line!


Hi Dan, I enjoyed this interview very much 🙂 I am not quit there yet. By what I know by now I am pretty sure that I was born with Adrenal burnout due to the circumstances I was born into. Several Traumas, an overachieving personality and several divers infections while travelling the world added up. After a total break down into being bedridden, I also took my healing journey in to my own hands 10 years ago. As I said I am not completely where I want to be yet and it would be quit a miracle being sick all… Read more »


Thank you for you wonderful positive comment Sanjula.

Keep your eyes firmly on the goal! I hope to share your journey in one of this interviews next year! 🙂


Sorry I wasn’t able to listen to any interviews, seems they don’t always work. Nevertheless my 20 year battle with FM is over. At least that’s what I tell myself daily. Now it’s just old age and scoriatic arthritis that plaques me. This too I shall live with.


This is a very impressive and interesting story and very inspirational in terms of that we should never give up. However, it is so clear that this person did not have ME. What she had is simply a terribly bad case of mold illness. Doctors should have diagnosed her with mold illness, not fibromyalgia or CFS. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are mere symptoms, they can occur in so many different illnesses. We must stop to use the wastebasket diagnosis CFS. It is always a misdiagnosis, and patients deserve to get their real diagnosis. Genuine Myalgic Encephalomyelitis on the other hand… Read more »


Thank you for your comment Silvia. Firstly, I want to say that it is clear to me that Evelyn sufferend with genuine Fibromyalgia/CFS. Not only was she diagnosed with it, but in the interview she describes all the classic symptoms. I don’t agree that ME is an infectious disease, although infections that trigger the illnesses can certainly be present and hence the reason for the occassional clusters. The illness can be triggered by many events and mold is clearly one of those. I agree that ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia should not be wastebasket illnesses and should be carefully diagnosed. However, I don’t agree… Read more »


Great interview…I really related to Doctors saying, “It’s all in your head” or treat you like a drug seeker. The asthma , the loss of energy, the random falling down, thrash in the mouth and living around moldy areas. I totally can relate. In 1999 I was given a prognosis of having Fibromyalgia …however, I have not been really helped by any medical solutions..only pain medications..that’s only killing my liver. Thanks for sharing your story Evelyn.


Thanks for your comment Gayla. Hopefully after you watch the video explanation, the reasons for Evelyn’s recovery will make more sense to you and help you kickstart your own recovery.

Patricia Simon

A very inspiring interview, also very intense though. Loved it Evelyn is an inspiration but listening exhausted me!


Yeah, I can understand that!


Alexandra Hall

Hi Dan, I would love to hear more about how Evelyn combatted the FEAR of the illness as she has mentioned that this was a crucial element to her recovery. Many thanks xx


Hello Dan, just an update! My Sister of 62 yrs is now out of Fibro also!!!! After almost two yrs of coaching she is symptom and pain free after 40 yrs of agony! She was on morphine! Our whole family is in ecstasy and we are truly blessed. Two sisters diagnosed with Fibro (me in 2011 and my Sis in 1982) and we are both cured! She has worked so hard, and the bond between us before my coaching was strong…but now it’s incredible! She lost 130lbs, doesn’t have type II diabetes anymore (and she only has one kidney-the other… Read more »

Jo M

Thanks for the update, Evelyn. Your story is truly inspirational, keep up the great work. You mentioned you massaged & exfoliated & rid yourself of toxins. Just wondering if you or anyone else has tried dry brushing to aid lymphatic drainage?


Dan thank you so much for posting all these recovery stories. They fuel me with not only hope for recovery but as Evelyn put it, with a firm “conviction” that I will recover for CFS. Evelyn’s story has uplifted me and reminded me of just how quickly things can turn around. I used to be so reactive to my symptoms…if they flared up I thought “oh no, here we go again…this will never end” and I would get really discouraged. But now thanks to Evelyn’s words I’m learning not to be swayed by my symptoms and just say to myself… Read more »

Abi O'Gram

What an inspiring lady, so glad she made it through! She’s really motivated me to set myself firm positive beliefs, regardless of my past or current situation. Thanks vm for sharing. Love your work. I hope to share my recovery with you once I’ve nailed it in the near future!

Nina Olofsson

Thanks for another inspiring recovery story ??
What is the modality Evelyn mentions at about 1:09:40? She goes on about it for a little while after this point but I can’t make out what therapy she’s taking about.

Thanks in advance
Nina, Denmark

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