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Understanding how you get fibromyalgia is key to understanding how to recover from fibromyalgia.

Once diagnosed, many fibro sufferers ask themselves : “How Do You Get Fibromyalgia?”

Given that few people seem to understand this illness, it makes sense to wonder how this all started.  After all, one day you were probably thinking that everything is fine and then a short time later you get ill and eventually you are diagnosed with fibromyalgia.   So how can this be?

Doctors and other people may have told you that the best you can hope for is that the condition doesn’t worsen or that you can learn to manage your fibromyalgia.  Not very inspiring is it?

The truth is, many people do recover from fibromyalgia.  However, how they get there is often different, and mostly by treating the cause indirectly.

But whilst most people find how to recover from fibromyalgia mysterious, even after they have done it, the reasons behind how you get fibromyalgia are no better.

How Do You Get Fibromyalgia To Start Off With?

People will usually either find that their illness came on suddenly or gradually.  However, if we delve a little deeper, we actually will find that many people who claim a sudden onset, will have had less severe episodes earlier in their life or suffered low grade symptoms for a number of years before getting severely ill.

This is because many of the symptoms produced by fibromyalgia are a result of dysfunctions that they may have started to develop previously and that can exist without the existence of fibromyalgia.

Similarly, whilst many people may be claiming poor health and a gradual onset of fibromyalgia, when you probe them deeper you can more often than not, identify a distinct point in time where the illness became more defined and symptoms of fibromyalgia worsened significantly.

To truly understand how you get this illness you really need to understand the pathogenesis of fibromyalgia which is a little complex and outside the scope of a short article.  However, we can summarise some of the events that usually precede the onset of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

How Do You Trigger Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Sufferes who can identify a point in time where they feel that their illness started, usually find that it was a high stress time due to some life event and/or:

  • they have received a vaccination; AND/OR
  • they have just had a baby or maybe even several pregnancies in a row with only small gaps in between; AND/OR
  • they have had a physical injury; AND/OR
  • they have had a toxic exposure; AND/OR
  • they have had a viral infection.

Some people will be able to identify multiple events on that list.

So again, it seems strange that so many different ways for you to get Fibromyalgia.  Whilst it can seem confusing, it is even more confusing how many different ways people  recover with different treatments.  The explanation of the hypothesis provided in CFS Unravelled answers these and many other conundrums surrounding this oft baffeling illness.

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