Does Fibromyalgia Come and Go?

Why some fibro sufferers find a reduction in symptoms even more frustrating than just being ill.

Symptoms come and go but does fibromyalgia come and go?  Fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia syndrome is a chronic illness that includes symptoms of body pain, fatigue, immune dysfunction, sleep disturbance as well as many other symptoms.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis for this illness is not simple and usually made after excluding the possibility of other diseases and by identifying a number of usual symptoms.  To can read more about the diagnosis of fibromyalgia here.

Does Fibromyalgia Come and Go or Do The Symptoms Just Wane?

Well we certainly know that Fibromyalgia symptoms come and go.  It is common for sufferers to learn to manage their symptoms over time and have extended periods of better health.  Other fibromyalgia sufferers go on to make full or near full recoveries.

Whilst there is still much misinformation and confusion about the illness, medical research is continuing to provide evidence regarding the underlying pathogenesis of the illness, and whilst there is still no consensus agreement, many sufferers use the information to take action towards their recovery.

The symptoms that wane from time to time not only include the pain, but even the whole illness of fibromyalgia can seemingly come and go.  Such remissions are often followed by relapse some time, sometimes years, down the track.  This is usually due to lack of deeper understanding of the cause of the illness and “accidental recovery” or an unfortunate combination of events that re-triggers fibromyalgia syndrome.

When Fibromyalgia Does Come and Go, it’s a Mixed Blessing For Some

The reduction in symptoms for any illness would ordinarily be seen as a blessing.  However, given that fibro sufferers often already have difficulty in proving the existence of their illness to their doctors, reporting symptoms that are no longer present can obviously make this task even harder.  Eventually, this could lead to even the sufferer not being fully sure whether the illness is real, which clearly it is.

But not only does fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome come and go, the nature of the symptoms can also change.  Some fibro symptoms disappear over time whilst new ones start.  This metamorphosis of fibromyalgia can make treatment and living with the illness even more frustrating.

Ultimately, some people whose symptoms go into remission will go on to make a full recovery.  However, understanding the pathogenesis of fibromyalgia will certainly go a long way towards insuring that you don’t suffer a relapse.

The real question we should be asking is what is the cause of all these symptoms and how can people experiencing this illness recover.

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