Published on April 26, 2020 by Dan Neuffer
Last updated on April 28, 2020 by Dan Neuffer


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Barbara Dashwood

Awesome, Dan. Thanks so much; it was wonderful to hear this articulated so beautifully. Yes, there is no doubt that the illness has given me tremendous coping strategies. After a few days of increased anxiety at the inception of lockdown, I settled back into my way of life and doubled down on pursuing creative pass times and began to admire my ‘normal friends’ who also seem to have found their way. it’s all very interesting.

Catherine Kemp

Hello Dan, yes after nineteen years with M.E./cfs I am definitely better at coping with the fear and constraints of Covid. I was already more or less confined to the house and don’t speak to people, I have got used to being unable to do most things to amuse myself, plus all the strategies for coping emotionally over the years with the losses and constraints have paid off right now. Like all people with this illness I have my moments but don’t we all?!


Ironically, I think that in addition to being better prepared than most people for this, I think it has also helped my condition improve somewhat. It helped give me the last E in REWIRE more organically. I had something else to occupy my mind besides my current illness. I had to make sure to protect myself against this brand new one, while still being able to acquire necessities like food and medications. I’m certainly used to the lock down my state has been in for the last couple of months. Everyone told me that they were all living like me… Read more »

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