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Understanding how you get MECFS is critical in understanding how to overcome MECFS.

“How Do You Get MECFS ?” is a matter numerous MECFS sufferers ask themselves at one time or another when they they after they have struggled to recuperate of their illness

And after all, it is reasonable, because arguably by understanding how you get MECFS, you are one action nearer to recovery.

However if you research effective treatments for MECFS, you will be going to possibly discover there is no agreed upon established path to recovery.  Not exactly very positive is it?

But the truth is, numerous people recuperate from MECFS.  Unfortunately, how they get there is frequently really different.

And whilst recovery is mysterious, how individuals get MECFS is no better. So there are only few clues in recovery regarding why people get MECFS.

How Do You Get MECFS to begin with?

Whilst many individuals find that their MECFS came on abruptly, others noted a progressive onset.  Suffice to say, many can identify a definite time their disease commenced. If we dig a little deeper, we actually will find that numerous people who claim an unexpected onset, will have had less severe episodes earlier in their life or endured minimal grade MECFS symptoms for a a number of years before getting seriously ill.

The reason for this has to do with the reality that most symptoms developed by CFS are really a result of dysfunctions that could have started to develop before CFS became obvious.  These disfunctions can exist without the onset of CFS.

Similarly, whilst many people can be declaring poor wellness along with a gradual onset of CFS , as soon as you probe them deeper you can more often than not, easily identify a distinct point in time where the disease became more defined and signs of CFS worsened greatly.

Clearly, understanding CFS is key to discovering how and why it starts. But actually without this understanding, the triggering of CFS has been observed and is well understood.

How Do You Trigger CFS ?

CFS Sufferers who are going to identify a point in time where they know that their illness started, typically discover that it was a time of great stress due to some life event and/or:

  • they have received a vaccination; AND/OR
  • they have just had a baby or actually several pregnancies in a short time; AND/OR
  • they have suffered a bodily injury; AND/OR
  • they have experienced a poisonous exposure; AND/OR
  • they have sufffered a viral infection.

Some people can identify multiple events on that list.

So again, it seems unusual that a there are a lot of different ways for you to get CFS . Whilst it can seem perplexing, the number of various ways people recover with different treatments is even more perplexing . The explanation of the hypothesis offered in CFS Unravelled gives a more in depth explanation regarding how you get CFS and clear up many  other conundrums surrounding this syndrome.

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