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Advocacy Video – let’s spread the word together!

People often think that ME/CFS is just about fatigue. This video is to help educate the wider community and make them realise that the illness is much more involved than that, and to show them it’s real! We also created a longer version of the video, which is designed to help people experiencing ME/CFS realise that […]

3 Problems Chronically Ill people can avoid by STOPPING this

If you have ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, POTS or other invisible illness, then chances are you find it frustrating trying to get other people to believe and take your choices seriously, especially family and friends. Here is my advice on how to handle this.

For years I have been giving people advice and find myself getting annoyed after all these years when I hear the suffering and frustration that people endure because their choices are not respected.