Published on January 1, 2013 by Dan Neuffer
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Nicola Beck

Thank you Dan for your video. I have been diagnosed with many things over the last few years Fibromyalgia being one of the suggestions but do know I have suffered depression and fatigue. I have tried hard to fight it and last Christmas made a concerted effort to get fit and started running, at the same time my father was terminally ill and we lost him in March, since then I have been looking after my own family as well as looking out for my mother as well as full-time work. To be honest the running on top of all… Read more »


Hi Nicki Thank you for your positive feedback! Getting a diagnosis for Fibromyalgia Syndrome or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be tricky given that it is made up of so many different dysfunctions and overlaps with so many different illnesses. Inevitably people ending up treating all the different symptoms and dysfunctions instead of the underlying cause, which of course only provides short-term relief if any – that’s why I wrote CFS Unravelled to give some clarity and a more focussed approach to healing and recovering form CFS/FMS. I am glad you found my New Year’s Video Message helpful and wish you… Read more »


hi dan,

ive read your book and it really helped be put things in order what what the next step is.
i am very sure that that this second book will help even more.

thank you very much.



Thank you for your feedback Lou.

I hope you enjoy CFS Unravelled – All the best for 2013.

Anne Brewitt

I have had ME/Chronic Fatigue now since the birth of my first Son in 1984, although it was not diagnosed until 2004. In the early stages, I just felt continually tired. I would get my baby washed, dressed and fed, then go back to sleep until 4pm sometimes. I struggled every day to do simple things. Taking the children to the park was hard, as I would feel so shacky and have to get home quickly, as I did not have the strength to be out for very long. Then years later my family and I moved down to Suffolk… Read more »


Hi Anne, I am so sorry about what has happened you I do suffered from cfs for a few months nothing compared to your years of agony 🙁 u poor thing xxx I am from Ireland I don’t know where u are from but I went to a man in cork that heals any illness or disability the morning I went to him my body crashed as your probably very firmiliar with it’s horrible I remember just crying my eyes out begging my angels & god to let this work because it is one the worse things to go through…… Read more »


Hi serina r u able to give me the details of the doctor in cork. How r u these days? Thanks connie

Patricia Simon

Hi, Dan, well it’s nearly 2014 now so the question of whether I will recover in 2013 is a little irrelevant unless a miracle occurs in the next two days! Anyway I am beginning to understand more about where you are coming from with the idea that we have to believe that we will recover. I am now seeing that as much more of a reality, and I am hopeful. I wanted to ask you about the issue of doctors and health practitioners. Do you think not relying on them would be a draw back to recovery. In truth I… Read more »


A year goes quickly! 🙂

Believe is just about being a driving force to take action and to change beyhaviours.

Recovery is definitely possible without a medical doctor’s specific help, but I think an integrative doctor and a naturopath can be very helpful. This is espeically important where other health conditions are also involved and depending on what medications you are on.

So in summary – you can continue to build your recovery through the lifestyle, diet and nutritional strategies outlined. Most people instinctually know when they get stuck and need some help!


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