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Show Notes

In this episode we discuss WHY the focus of the book is so key for people to recover from ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and POTS.

Claudia asks how I came up for the hypothesis for the pathogenesis of the illness (the root cause of the illness), and we discussed why it has touched so many people so deeply.

We also discuss some of the KEY points of the book, how the book unravels so many of the mysteries of this illness in terms of how people get sick and how they recover, as well as the endless list of symptoms.


Podcast Disclaimer0:03:38
Podcast Beginning0:04:20
Hi To Claudia0:08:21
Dan & Claudia discuss how they met when CFS Unravelled went to paperback0:09:41
What prompted Dan to write CFS Unravelled - his low points0:06:19
Claudia asks about the motivation for writing the book0:09:45
Dan discusses the challenges and process of doing the research0:10:59
Claudia discusses how the foreword touched her & why the change in approach0:12:44
Dan explains why he just gave such a severe answer about symptom treatments0:16:34
Claudia talks about her symptom chasing experience0:17:50
Dan asks Claudia about her experience with reading the book0:18:20
Dan shares the emotional story of his first reader0:19:28
Claudia talks about the emotional impact of reading CFS Unravelled0:21:05
Dan talks about how his investigations led down different tracks & dead ends0:23:56
Claudia shares a great analogy about Dan's process of investigation0:27:18
Dan shares how real life experience of piecing things together was imperfect0:27:54
Dan shares the difficulty in  making sense of so many dysfunctions and his failed attempts to make sense of it all0:29:01
Dan tells how he changed his approach to reach his conclusions0:30:04
Dan shares how the book changed going into paperback0:31:39
Claudia & Dan discuss the challenges of understanding and purpose of book0:32:14
Claudia ask Dan to talk about the ANS role in CFS, Fibromyalgia & POTS0:35:01
Dan talks about the connection between IBS, CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia, POTS, MCS etc0:39:22
Dan talks about secondary dysfunctions and how they are caused0:41:15
Claudia asks about how this illness is triggered0:44:22
Claudia and Dan discuss why the illness perpetuates0:49:54
Claudia  discuss how ANS function normalises0:54:38
Dan discusses the frustration of doctors given dysfunction opposed to non-functional0:55:30
Dan discusses how the ANS explanation explains how people recover differently0:58:46
Claudia asks Dan how people recover from the illness1:01:49
Dan explains the limitations of 'mind-body' approaches for recovery of ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, POTS & MCS1:06:24
Claudia asks about the next step forward for people seeking recovery1:12:12
Dan discusses his motivation for writing the book how a conversation with a Dr led him to follow through1:13:46


You can learn more about CFS Unravelled HERE

Book CFS Unravelled in paperback or e-book

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Paperback & eBook

CFS Unravelled is the book that started it all, outlining the explanation for the pathogenesis of ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, POTS, MCS and related syndromes and explaining how recovery is possible.

Learn more HERE.

All my email subscribers receive additional FREE resources like my book Discover Hope.  So consider subscribing and reading the book to rediscover hope.

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To learn how other people recover, listen to the recovery interviews!

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If you would like to learn more about the ANS REWIRE program, check out the 4 free intro lessons or visit the ANS REWIRE website.

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