Published on June 1, 2020 by Dan Neuffer
Last updated on June 2, 2020 by Dan Neuffer


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Hi Dan, thank you for the video and tips. You are absolutely right about feeling our emotions. Anytime I feel a lot of pain and/or tension, I sit or lie still with it, focus on my breath and allow the emotion to rise. Within seconds, the pain is either very less or gone. I’ve been learning how most of our repeated emotions, repeated unhealthy behaviors and reactive behaviors are stuck emotions (fear, anger, grief) from childhood that we couldn’t digest (process) at a young age. I’m working with those.

Philippa Shatford

i find i avoid negative emotions arond c.f.s.


hello there just new in today. i figure i’ve suffered levels of this illness for a number of decades. in 2021, i broke my knee, got chicken pox at the orthopedics office (i’m 60) fun. then was given my 3rd booster for Covid, reacted and i’ve been in bed for a year. This is not me. the array of symptoms are insane. I need some hope. I come from a traumatic past and did therapy – particularly IFS for DID- I would recommend it to anyone to track thoughts to the core, and find the healthy version of coping from… Read more »

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