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Show Notes

In this episode I invite Raelan Agle to discuss what we have learned from speaking with people who have recovered from ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, MCS and POTS.

We discuss the pitfalls, the spiritual aspect of recovery as well as the common physical approaches and other commonalities in people's recovery stories.


Podcast Disclaimer0:01:54
Dan's explains why he has focussed on recoveries0:02:37
Dan & Raelan talk about not knowing recovery was possible0:08:21
Discussion on recovery not being as rare as suggested0:09:41
Raelan & Dan talk about isolation in sickness and recovery0:10:54
Discussion on the learnings from the illness0:12:43
We discuss the spiritual aspect of recovery0:14:13
We discuss the onset of illness commonalities0:15:06
Are people that recover special or lucky?  What causes the shift into recovery?0:22:18
We discuss what motivates us and how it can be a double edge sword.0:28:06
Discussion about depression with chronic illness0:30:05
Discussion of why mental outlook matters for a physical illness0:31:34
Discussion on what stops people recovering & importance of persistence0:36:08
Discussion on pitfall number two - following the rabbit0:43:07
The approach that is always common in recoveries0:47:28
Raelan shares more commonalities in recoveries & Dan explains how people can adopt them0:50:55
Dan & Raelan discuss the 'miracle cure' people - super fast recoveries0:54:28
We discuss how treatments work at different points in people's journey0:57:46
Raelan brings up the 'stress' connection in people's recoveries1:00:48
Dan shares who can and can't recover1:02:15
Dan talks about how people overcome impossible odds1:04:15
Discussion on responsibility vs self-blame & need for self-love1:08:28
We explore the importance of listening to your instinct (& his or hers)1:09:52
A discussion about not trying too hard1:13:20
A big concern - expectations when we get diagnosed1:14:45
Another big concern - severe mental health disturbance1:20:47
Closing messages from Dan & Raelan1:27:20


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You can also check out Raelan's skillshare course via her affiliate link here: Lifestyle Pacing - Tools for Optimizing Energy and Achieving Your Goals

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CFS Unravelled is the book that started it all, outlining the explanation for the pathogenesis of ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, POTS, MCS and related syndromes and explaining how recovery is possible.

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Just want to sincerely thank you for this podcast – and your American Lady…. Whom I ask you to forward this to please? You both 100% NAILED my experience so far on my adventure (as I like to call it). Dan….. I am just a few hours drive up the coast, as poor as a church mouse currently after running a beautiful career and I hit that “moment” you described, that turning point a few months ago where I realised “the only person who can heal myself is…..myself” . Powerfully simple but what a journey to get there! I have… Read more »

catherine Kemp

Two of my favourite people- Dan Neuffer and Raelan Agle! These long discussions (listened to in short bursts of course) are very useful even when you may have heard similar before- perhaps something resonates because you are at a different stage of understanding. One thing: on the discussion about taking your own life, did I hear correctly Dan that you said that you couldn’t have done that as you had responsibilities ie a young family? People often take their own life because they feel their families would be better off without them, as well as not wanting to continue with… Read more »

catherine Kemp


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