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Show Notes

Finding out how to recover from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME/CFS) as well as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and MCS seemed downright impossible when nobody seems to know what's wrong with you.

Kristin shares her CFS recovery story in this wonderful detailed interview and talks about the treatments she tried, the ups and downs, her relapses and the constant expansion of diagnoses and symptoms.

We discuss her first remission from CFS/POTS/MCS and how she ended up relapsing again.

So how does she turn it all around? Kristin tells her story of changing her CFS recovery approach and delving deeper to unravel PTSD and Bulimia that she had been dealing with for many years to reach full health.

It's a long and detailed interview, so check it out in parts and gain from her wisdom in your time.


Introduction - WHY long-form interviews & what can you learn?0:00:00
Podcast Disclaimer0:06:38
First symptoms 10 years ago when 25 years old0:07:20
Dan asks how scary that was0:10:26
Kristin clarifies her symptoms0:11:00
Dan asks what the Doctors said given the severe symptoms0:12:15
Kristin talks about the most embarrassing and devastating experience in her life0:13:49
How the illness affected her work0:15:23
Googling led to her getting tested for Iodine deficiency and Hashimoto's hypothyroidism0:15:59
I ask about her decision to stop working0:18:09
I ask about all the treatments that Kristin tried0:22:33
Kristin talks about starting to meditate0:25:20
Talks about exercise supplements and diets she tried without success0:26:39
I ask how she achieved her first remission0:27:45
I give a monologue about CFS and psychological stressors0:31:38
I ask what she did beside taking note of her inner game0:33:19
I ask about lead up to becoming ill0:35:17
I ask how she moves out when she has no money or support0:38:24
I ask how she does things like moving when she is so ill0:40:28
What were your friends doing and saying?0:41:21
I ask about her family0:42:31
I ask about her childhood and early adulthood.0:43:50
What happens next, how does she start to recover?0:45:31
I asked if she had any sensitivities0:49:01
How does it feel to get your life back?0:51:15
How long were you well for and did you understand why you were sick?0:52:59
When do things first start to go wrong, what were you thinking?0:56:49
How long does it take to recover and do you do something different?0:58:46
What did this Dr identify and treat you.1:01:06
Kristin tells how her second relapse is triggered1:03:14
Kristin talks about thoughts of suicide1:06:15
What did the Dr say caused the relapse?1:07:15
I ask how she recovers this time, what does she do, is she looking over her shoulder?1:08:40
How did Kristin successfully make these changes?1:10:28
Did this PTSD work change how you felt about the symptoms?1:15:15
What else did you do?1:15:35
We talk about the sustainability of health coaching1:22:03
Anything else? Kristin talks about recovery from Bulimia1:23:26
How do you start to like yourself?1:26:11
How to move into like and love after getting past disliking yourself?1:27:55
Did you get help on this journey or do this on your own?1:30:13
How did Kristin overcome Bulimia?1:33:58
What about after binging eating, did you work to stop the purging?1:36:56
How did you deal with failing with the purging?  Was it a separate journey to the binging?1:38:39
Dan points out an important distinction in Kristin's approach!1:40:14
Dan talks about the importance of doing the work beyond recovery for a robust recovery.1:41:35
Dan asks how Kristin feels about the possibility of getting ill again.1:42:41
What would be your main advice to someone living with the illness?1:44:31


Here is a link to Kristin's YouTube Channel  

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