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Show Notes

In this episode Claudia and Dan talk about that moment in her recovery where she "chose her world".

We discuss practical and psychological aspects of where we place our focus whilst chronically ill and some of the fascinating neuroscience behind the practice of visualisation.

Strategies, impacts and much more about shifting our focus from illness to health.


Podcast Disclaimer0:02:28
Introduction to Claudia's 'choosing her world'0:03:11
Claudia asks why it matters for recovery from chronic illness0:04:55
Why did Claudia decide to 'change her world'?0:07:21
Dan asks whether the new world might be more challenging - the loss and gains0:10:00
Dan shares his experience of being validated by others' experience0:15:04
Claudia talks about where the old world was leading her0:18:53
Dan and Claudia discuss the impact of changing your world0:20:00
Dan explains the double-edged sword of recovery focus0:22:35
Adjusting to a shift in identity0:24:44
Strategies to create a new identity0:28:07
How focus changes our world0:30:14
The physiological effects of using  visualisation0:32:03
Overcoming struggles with positive visualisations0:38:11
Why positive thinking alone is unlikely to lead to recovery0:42:36
How positive focus prevents recovery frustration0:43:24
What holds us back from 'changing our world'?0:44:03
Understanding what drives our behaviour/motivation0:46:27
Anecdote about activity that is NOT low stress as expected0:48:29
Final thoughts about choosing your world0:49:46


You can learn more about Claudia's hypnotherapy practice here.

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