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Show Notes

When you try all the treatments you find out about, and keep receiving different diagnoses, it can be a harrowing experience.

Alexandra shares her difficult decisions in her quest to recover from mould illness and chronic fatigue syndrome and how despite a 'brain-training' program not helping her, she decided to try ANS REWIRE anyway and succeeded with her recovery.


Introduction - I am different0:00:00
Interview Preview0:01:57
Podcast Disclaimer0:03:15
Meeting Alexandra0:03:58
Illness onset with visit to emergency room0:04:53
Meeting Alexandra0:03:58
Alexandra talks about the pressure to take medications for mental health diagnosis0:10:05
Alexandra talks about depression and anxiety about her illness and the lack of validation0:11:46
Alexandra talks about the domino effect of symptoms 0:15:08
The 'woodpecker' attacks her head0:15:48
The terrible impact of one Doctor's words on Alexandra0:17:08
Alexandra finds a new community, treatments and diagnosis of Mould Illness/Mould toxicity0:18:21
The inconsistencies and frustrations around mould illness and mould illness treatments0:20:08
The no win situation with getting mould treatments - the impossible task0:27:58
Alexandra shares the shocking financial impact of trying to treat mould illness0:29:22
Finally a new diagnosis of CFS for Alexandra and a new direction0:31:15
Alexandra talks about her symptoms at their worst - bedbound0:35:04
Alexandra talks about her first failure with trying brain-training0:37:15
Alexandra talks about the impact of unresolving illness on her and her family0:39:24
A new direction and merry-go-round with integrative medicine0:40:46
Alexandra talks about her turning point in mould illness and CFS recovery0:46:10
How ANS REWIRE was a different experience to other brain-training programs0:48:18
Alexandra finds her tribe of fellow recoverers0:50:21
Dan asks about overwhelm in dealing with a multi-lateral approach0:51:05
Engagement with other health care professionals whilst doing ANS REWIRE0:55:32
Dan asks about trepidations with trying 'brain-training' again for CFS & mould illness recovery0:56:57
The importance of mindset and coaching for recovery0:58:08
When did significant recovery shifts occur1:00:56
The experience of the rest of the recovery tribe 1:06:15
Alexandra's recovery journey & people's responses1:08:02
How Alexandra tapered off treatments during her recovery1:11:02
Dan asks about how important the physical training lessons were for her recovery and ANS normalisation1:12:06
What about the fears around physical activity and mould exposure1:14:06
Alexandra focusses on incremental gains for recovery from CFS and mould exposure1:16:34
What Alexandra learned about engaging in life from her illness experience1:19:28
The most Amazing moment since Alexandra recovered from CFS & mould illness1:24:36
What advice Alexandra would give to someone seeking recovery from mould illness and CFS1:26:13


Here is a link to the ANS REWIRE program.  


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CFS Unravelled is the book that started it all, outlining the explanation for the pathogenesis of ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, POTS, MCS and related syndromes and explaining how recovery is possible.

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